Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ Practice – Set 06

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Q1. The C.G. of the shaded area of the bellow figure from the x-axis is
Applied Mechanics set 04 question no 11

(A) a/4
(B) 3a/4
(C) 3b/10
(D) 3a/10

Answer: (C) 3b/10

Q2. A uniform rod 9 m long weighing 40 kg is pivoted at a point 2 m from one end where a weight of 120 kg is suspended. The required force acting at the end in a direction perpendicular to rod to keep it equilibrium, at an inclination 60° with horizontal, is

(A) 40 kg
(B) 60 kg
(C) 10 kg
(D) 100 kg

Answer: (C) 10 kg

Q3. For a self-locking machine, the efficiency should be

(A) Less than 60%
(B) 50%
(C) More than 50%
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Less than 60%

Q4. The bending moment in an arch is proportional to

(A) Vertical ordinate of funicular polygon
(B) Vertical ordinate of the arch
(C) Intercept between the arch axis and the funicular polygon
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Intercept between the arch axis and the funicular polygon

Q5. The instantaneous centre of a member lies at the point of intersection of two lines drawn at the ends of the member such that the lines are inclined to the direction of motion of the ends at

(A) 30°
(B) 45°
(C) 60°
(D) 90°

Answer: (D) 90°

Q6. The C.G. of a right circular cone lies on its axis of symmetry at a height of

(A) h/2
(B) h/3
(C) h/4
(D) h/5

Answer: (C) h/4

Q7. The centre of gravity of a trapezoidal dam section whose top width is a, bottom width is band the vertical side is a, from its vertical face is

(A) (a² + ab + b²)/3 (a + b)
(B) (b² + bc + c²)/3 (b + c)
(C) (a² + ab + c²)/3 (a + c)
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) (a² + ab + b²)/3 (a + b)

Q8. A flywheel of moment of inertia 20 kg.m is acted upon by a tangential force of 5 N at 2 m from its axis, for 3 seconds. The increase in angular velocity in radian per second is

(A) 1/2
(B) 3/2
(C) 2
(D) 3

Answer: (B) 3/2

Q9. The resultant of two forces acting at right angles is √34 kg and acting at 60° is 70 kg. The forces are

(A) 1 kg and 4 kg
(B) 2 kg and 3 kg
(C) √3 kg and √5 kg
(D) 3 kg and 5 kg

Answer: (D) 3 kg and 5 kg

Q10. Joule is the unit of

(A) Work
(B) Force
(C) Power
(D) Torque

Answer: (A) Work

Q11. The phenomenon of collision of two elastic bodies takes place because bodies

(A) Immediately after collision come momentarily to rest
(B) Tend to compress each other till they are compressed maximum possible
(C) Attempt to regain its original shape due to their elasticities
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. A body is dropped from a height of 100 m and at the same time another body is projected vertically upward with a velocity of 10 m/sec. The two particles will

(A) Never meet
(B) Meet after 1 sec
(C) Meet after 5 sec
(D) Meet after 10 sec

Answer: (D) Meet after 10 sec

Q13. The equation of motion of a particle starting from rest along a straight line is x = t3 – 3l2 + 5. The ratio of the velocities after 5 sec and 3 sec will be

(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Answer: (D) 5

Q14. The unit of Moment of Inertia of a body, is

(A) m
(B) m2
(C) m3
(D) m4

Answer: (D) m4

Q15. In the structure shown in below figure, the member which carries zero force, is

(A) AB
(B) BC
(C) BE
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ SET wise with Answers

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