Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics – Set 18

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Q1. The resultant of two forces acting at right angles is 5 kgf and if they act at an angle of 60°, it is 37 kgf. The magnitudes of the forces are:

(A) 2 kgf, 3 kgf
(B) 3 kgf, 4 kgf
(C) 4 kgf, 5 kgf
(D) 5 kgf, 3 kgf

Answer: (B) 3 kgf, 4 kg

Q2. For lifting a load of 50 kg through a distance of 2.5 cm, an effort of 12.5 kg is moved through a distance of 40 cm. The efficiency of the lifting machine, is

(A) 60 %
(B) 65 %
(C) 70 %
(D) 75 %

Answer: (D) 75 %

Q3. A spring scale in a stationary lift shows a reading of 60 kg for a man standing on it. If the lift starts descending at an acceleration of g/5, the scale reading would be

(A) 48 kg
(B) 60 kg
(C) 72 kg
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) 48 kg

Q4. The diagram showing the point of application and line of action of forces in their plane is called

(A) Vector diagram
(B) Space diagram
(C) Force diagram
(D) Funicular diagram

Answer: (B) Space diagram

Q5. In a lifting machine a weight of 5 kN is lifted through 200 mm by an effort of 0.1 kN moving through 15 m. The mechanical advantage and velocity ratio of the machine are respectively

(A) 50 and 75
(B) 75 and 50
(C) 75 and 75
(D) 50 and 50

Answer: (A) 50 and 75

Q6. The condition for a lifting machine to be reversible is that its efficiency should be

(A) Less than 50%
(B) More than 50%
(C) More than 66.67%
(D) Equal to 100%

Answer: (B) More than 50%

Q7. Energy may be defined as

(A) Power of doing work
(B) Capacity of doing work
(C) Rate of doing work
(D) All the above

Answer: (B) Capacity of doing work

Q8. The motion of a particle moving with S.H.M. from an extremity to the other, constitutes

(A) Half an oscillation
(B) One full oscillation
(C) Two oscillations
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Half an oscillation

Q9. The C.G. of a hemisphere from its base measured along the vertical radius is at a distance of

(A) 4R/3π
(B) 3R/8
(C) 3πR/4
(D) 8R/3

Answer: (B) 3R/8

Q10. If two forces of 3 kg and 4 kg act at right angles to each other, their resultant force will be equal to

(A) 7 kg
(B) 1 kg
(C) 5 kg
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) 5 kg

Q11. One end of a light string 4 m in length is fixed to a point on a smooth wall and the other end fastened to a point on the surface of a smooth sphere of diameter 2.25 m and of weight 100 kg. The tension in the string is

(A) 17.5 kg
(B) 19.5 kg
(C) 22.5 kg
(D) 25 kg

Answer: (C) 22.5 kg

Q12. To avoid bending action at the base of a pier,

(A) Suspension and anchor cables are kept at the same level
(B) Suspension and anchor cables are fixed to pier top
(C) Suspension cable and anchor cables are attached to a saddle mounted on rollers on top of the pier
(D) None the these

Answer: (B) Suspension and anchor cables are fixed to pier top

Q13. A block in the shape of a parallelepiped of sides 1m × 2m × 3m lies on the surface. Which of the faces gives maximum stable block?

(A) 1 m × 2 m
(B) 2 m × 3 m
(C) 1 m × 3 m
(D) Equally stable on all faces

Answer: (B) 2 m × 3 m

Q14. If the given forces P₁, P₂, P₃ and P₄ are such that the force polygon does not close, then the system will

(A) Be in equilibrium
(B) Always reduce to a resultant force
(C) Always reduce to a couple
(D) Both (A) and (C)

Answer: (B) Always reduce to a resultant force

Q15. The pole distance is measured in

(A) Distance scale
(B) Force scale
(C) Mass scale
(D) Time scale

Answer: (B) Force scale

Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ SET wise with Answers

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