Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Set 16

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Q1. An ordinary concrete may be made water proof by adding

(A) Pudlo
(B) Impermo
(C) Snowcem
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q2. Queen closer may be placed

(A) In header course
(B) In stretcher course
(C) In header course next to first brick
(D) In stretcher course next to first brick

Answer: (C) In header course next to first brick

Q3. A cut in frame of a door to receive the shutter, is called

(A) Louver
(B) Stop
(C) Horn
(D) Rebate

Answer: (D) Rebate

Q4. The opening provided in sloping roof with its top parallel to the roof surface, is called

(A) Dormer window
(B) Sky light window
(C) Lantern window
(D) Louvered window

Answer: (B) Sky light window

Q5. The bearing capacity of a water logged soil, may be improved by

(A) Grouting
(B) Chemical action
(C) Drainage
(D) Compaction

Answer: (C) Drainage

Q6. The loose pockets in soil mass can be bridged safely by providing a raft foundation provided the soft area is smaller than

(A) The column spacing
(B) One-third the column spacing
(C) Half the column spacing
(D) Three-fourth the column spacing

Answer: (B) One-third the column spacing

Q7. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) The roof slabs of multi-storeyed buildings are constructed monolithically to carry the various floor loads
(B) The beams of multi-storeyed buildings rest on girders and are the main load transferring members to the columns
(C) The slab is spanned across the secondary beams provided between the main beams
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q8. The process of making the back ground rough, before plastering, is

(A) Dubbing
(B) Hacking
(C) Blistering
(D) Peeling

Answer: (B) Hacking

Q9. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

(A) In king post truss, one vertical post is used
(B) In a queen post truss, one vertical post is used
(C) In a queen post truss, two vertical posts are used
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) In a queen post truss, one vertical post is used

Q10. The window which is provided in flat roof of a room, is known

(A) Dormer window
(B) Lantern window
(C) Louvered window
(D) Sky window

Answer: (B) Lantern window

Q11. Which one of the following piles has a cast iron shoe even after removal of the hollow cylindrical steel casing?

(A) Simplex pile
(B) Pedestal pile
(C) Vibro pile
(D) Both (a) and (c) of the above

Answer: (D) Both (a) and (c) of the above

Q12. The pile which is provided with a bulb filled with concrete at its lower end, is known as

(A) Simplex pile
(B) Mac-Arthur pile
(C) Raymond pile
(D) Franki pile

Answer: (B) Mac-Arthur pile

Q13. Grillage foundation

(A) Is used to transfer heavy structural loads from steel columns to a soil having low bearing capacity
(B) Is light and economical
(C) Does not require deep cutting as the required base area with required pressure intensity is obtained at a shallow depth
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q14. While designing a stair, the product of rise and going is approximately kept equal to

(A) 350
(B) 420
(C) 450
(D) 500

Answer: (B) 420

Q15. Ornamental moulded course placed on the top of a wall, is

(A) Cornice
(B) Coping
(C) Frieze
(D) Lintel

Answer: (A) Cornice

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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