Building Construction Objective Questions and Answers set 19

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Q1. For heavy embankments and dams, of height h, the depth of exploration of soil should not be less than

(A) h/4
(B) 1/2 h
(C) h
(D) 2 h

Answer:(D) 2 h

Q2. The nominal thickness of an expansion joint in brick walls, is kept more than

(A) 5 mm
(B) 10 mm
(C) 15 mm
(D) 20 mm

Answer: (D) 20 mm

Q3. The brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face of a wall, is known as

(A) Header
(B) Stretcher
(C) Closer
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Header

Q4. The vertical member running through middle of a shutter frame, is

(A) Style
(B) Reveal
(C) Mullion
(D) Post

Answer: (C) Mullion

Q5. Exposed portions of vertical surface at right angles to the door or window frame, are known as

(A) Jambs
(B) Lintels
(C) Reveals
(D) Soffits

Answer: (C) Reveals

Q6. The voussoir placed at crown of an arch, is known as a

(A) Key
(B) Soffit
(C) Springer
(D) Haunch

Answer: (A) Key

Q7. The lower half portion between crown and skew back of the arch, is called

(A) Spandril
(B) Haunch
(C) Springing
(D) Soffit

Answer: (B) Haunch

Q8. The projections of head or sill of a door or window frame are

(A) Transoms
(B) Horns
(C) Stops
(D) Chocks

Answer: (B) Horns

Q9. In places where the soil is soft and has small resistance to the flow of concrete, which one of the following types of piles, is used

(A) Vibro pile
(B) Pressure pile
(C) Franki pile
(D) Pedestal pile

Answer: (A) Vibro pile

Q10. An arch may fail due to

(A) Uneven settlement of abutments
(B) Sliding of voussoirs
(C) Crushing of the material
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q11. The line of intersection of the surfaces of a sloping roof forming an external angle exceeding 180°, is

(A) Ridge
(B) Hip
(C) Valley
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Hip

Q12. Crown is located at

(A) Highest point on the extrados of the arch
(B) Highest point on the intrados of the arch
(C) Skew-back of the arch
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Highest point on the extrados of the arch

Q13. The exterior angle between outer faces of a wall, is known as

(A) Turn
(B) Junction
(C) Quion
(D) All the above

Answer: (C) Quion

Q14. The depth of excavation of foundations, is generally measured with a

(A) Ranging rod
(B) Steel tape
(C) Levelling staff
(D) Boning rod

Answer: (D) Boning rod

Q15. The under surface of an arch, is called

(A) Soffit
(B) Intrados
(C) Haunch
(D) Back

Answer: (A) Soffit

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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