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Q1.What is the common name of Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate?

[A] Bleaching powder
[B] Slaked lime
[C] Plaster of paris
[D] Detergent

Correct Answer: C [Plaster of paris]

Q2.Which of the following elements have the lowest and highest boiling point in the Periodic table?

[A] Helium and Tungsten
[B] Hydrogen and Rhenium
[C] Helium and Rhenium
[D] Hydrogen and Tungsten

Correct Answer: C [ Helium and Rhenium]

Q3.Which of the following metal is the main constituent in Pewter alloy?

[A] Lead
[B] Zinc
[C] Tin
[D] Iron

Correct Answer: C [Tin]

Q4.Which of the following is a correct Ore-Metal pair?

[A] Greenocite – Cadmium
[B] Ruby Silver – Lead
[C] Silestine – Copper
[D] Salt peter – Magnesium

Correct Answer: A [Greenocite – Cadmium]

Q5.Which of the following molecules have an electrovalent bonding?

[A] NaCl
[B] MgO
[C] NH3
[D] Both a and b

Correct Answer: D [Both a and b]

Q6.Choose the correct statement about covalent compounds?

[A] The forces of interaction between them is weak
[B] They are poor conductors of electricity
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: C [Both a and b]

Q7.What is the product when Methane reacts with steam in the presence of Nickel catalyst?

[A] Carbon dioxide and ethane
[B] Ethyne
[C] Carbon monoxide and dihydrogen
[D] Carbon monoxide and Water vapour

Correct Answer: C [Carbon monoxide and dihydrogen]

Q8.Which of these is an example of a homopolymer?

[A] Polyethene
[B] Buna-S rubber
[C] Styrene
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: A [Polyethene]

Q9.Which of the following non-metal has an isotope which can be used to detect secret nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities?

[A] Selenium
[B] Tellurium
[C] Neon
[D] Krypton

Correct Answer: D [ Krypton ]

Q10.Who established the concept of absolute zero?

[A] Louis Pasteur
[B] Lord Kelvin
[C] Germain Hess
[D] William Henry Perkin

Correct Answer: B [Lord Kelvin]

Q11.What is the bond angle in case of Ammonia molecule?

[A] 120°
[B] 150°
[C] 66°
[D] 107°

Correct Answer: D [107°]

Q12.Which is the first member of Alkyne series?

[A] Methyne
[B] Acetylene
[C] Propyne
[D] Ethene

Correct Answer: B [Acetylene]

Q13.Which of these is not a natural polymer?

[A] Starch
[B] cellulose
[C] Proteins
[D] Bakelite

Correct Answer: D [Bakelite]

Q14.Which element has the narrowest liquid range?

[A] Helium
[B] Fluorine
[C] Argon
[D] Neon

Correct Answer: D [ Neon ]

Q15.Which of the following is correct combination of masses of the three sub-atomic particles?

[A] Electron – 0. 00055 amu; Proton – 1.0078 amu; Neutron – 1.0083 amu
[B] Electron – 0. 00055 amu; Proton – 1.0083 amu; Neutron – 1.0078 amu
[C] Electron – 0. 00055 amu; Proton – 1.0078 amu; Neutron – 1.0078 amu
[D] Electron – 0. 00055 amu; Proton – 1.0083 amu; Neutron – 1.0083 amu

Correct Answer: A [Electron – 0. 00055 amu; Proton – 1.0078 amu; Neutron – 1.0083 amu]

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