Civil Airport Engineering MCQ Test – Set 02

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Q1. According to ICAO, all markings on the runways are

(A) Yellow
(B) White
(C) Black
(D) Red

Answer: (B) White

Q2. As per ICAO, the minimum basic runway length for A and E type of airport will be

(A) 1500 m and 600 m
(B) 2100 m and 750 m
(C) 1500 m and 750 m
(D) 2100 m and 600 m

Answer: (D) 2100 m and 600 m

Q3. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) F.I.R. stands for flight information regions
(B) Radius of control area is 160 km
(C) Radius of control zone is 40 km
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q4. The length of runway under standard conditions is 2000 m. The elevation of airport site is 300 m. Its reference temperature is 33.05°C. If the runway is to be constructed with an effective gradient of 0.25 percent, the corrected runway length will be

(A) 2500 m
(B) 2600 m
(C) 2700 m
(D) 2800 m

Answer: (C) 2700 m

Q5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Runway edge from the landing side, is called threshold
(B) Localizer indicates to the pilot his position with respect to the proposed alignment
(C) The glide slope indicates the correct angle of descent
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q6. For determining the basic runway length, the landing case requires that aircraft should come to a stop within p % of the landing distance. The value of p is

(A) 40 %
(B) 50 %
(C) 60 %
(D) 75 %

Answer: (C) 60 %

Q7. Which of the following is used for servicing and repairs of the aircraft?

(A) Apron
(B) Hanger
(C) Terminal building
(D) Holding apron

Answer: (B) Hanger

Q8. Assertion A : The ratio of arriving and departing aircrafts influences the airport
Capacity: Reason R : Landing operation is generally given priority over the taking off operation.
Select your answer based on the coding system given below:

(A) Both A and R is true and R is the correct explanation of A
(B) Both A and R is true and R is not the correct explanation of A
(C) A is true but R is false
(D) A is false but R is true

Answer: (A) Both A and R is true and R is the correct explanation of A

Q9. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O.) the strength of runway pavements, have been coded by

(A) Seven English alphabets
(B) Last Seven English alphabets
(C) First Seven English alphabets
(D) First seven numbers

Answer: (D) First seven numbers

Q10. The minimum width of clearway is

(A) 50 m
(B) 100 m
(C) 150 m
(D) 250 m

Answer: (C) 150 m

Q11. A gradient of + 0.08% is followed by a gradient of – 0.07%. If the permissible rate of change of grade is 0.003 per 30 meters, the length of the transition curve, is

(A) 150 m
(B) 140 m
(C) 160 m
(D) 175 m

Answer:(A) 150 m

Q12. Which of the following is an example of failure in flexible pavements?

(A) Alligator cracking
(B) Mud pumping
(C) Warping cracks
(D) Shrinkage cracks

Answer: (A) Alligator cracking

Q13. The cruising speed of the aircraft is 500 kmph. If there is a head wind of 50 kmph, then the air speed and ground speed of the aircraft respectively will be

(A) 450 kmph and 500 kmph
(B) 500 kmph and 450 kmph
(C) 450 kmph and 450 kmph
(D) 500 kmph and 500 kmph

Answer: (A) 450 kmph and 500 kmph

Q14. The total length of a runway is 1000 m. The elevation at distance 0,200 m, 400 m, 600 m, 800 m and 1000 m are 100.0 m, 99.2 m, 101.0 m, 101.8 m, 101.4 m and 101.0 m respectively. The effective gradient of runway will be.

(A) 0.10 %
(B) 0.26 %
(C) 0.43 %
(D) 0.65 %

Answer: (B) 0.26 %

Q15. For night landing, the thresholds are lighted

(A) Green
(B) Red
(C) White
(D) Yellow

Answer: (A) Green

Airport Engineering MCQ SET wise with Answers

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