Civil Building Construction online MCQ Practice – Set 03

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Q1. The stone whose crushing strength is least, is

(A) Granite
(B) Chalk
(C) Marble
(D) Slate

Answer: (B) Chalk

Q2. For each storey (or, story) of a building, the depth of exploration should be

(A) 1 meter
(B) 2 meters
(C) 3 meters
(D) 4 meters

Answer: (C) 3 meters

Q3. The Auger borings are not common

(A) In soils that require lateral support
(B) In cohesive soils
(C) In soft soils
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) In soils that require lateral support

Q4. The portion of a brick cut across the width, is called

(A) Closer
(B) Half brick
(C) Bed
(D) Bat

Answer: (D) Bat

Q5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Plain cement concrete is equally strong in compression as well as in tension
(B) Slump test is performed to check concrete strength
(C) Curing of concrete is done for proper compaction of cement
(D) Fineness modulus is the index number expressing the relative sizes of both coarse and fine aggregates

Answer: (D) Fineness modulus is the index number expressing the relative sizes of both coarse and fine aggregates

Q6. The pile provided with one or more bulles in its vertical shaft, is generally known as

(A) Under-ream pile
(B) Friction pile
(C) Bearing pile
(D) Sheet pile

Answer: (A) Under-ream pile

Q7. The type of bond in which every course contains both headers and stretchers, is called

(A) English bond
(B) Flemish bond
(C) Russian bond
(D) Mixed bond

Answer:(B) Flemish bond

Q8. The bearing capacity of a water logged soil can be improved by

(A) Compacting the soil
(B) Draining the soil
(C) Increasing the depth of foundation
(D) Grouting

Answer: (B) Draining the soil

Q9. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Isolated footing is provided under column to transfer the load safely to soil bed
(B) Column footings may have steps or projections in the concrete base
(C) Heavily loaded column base must be provided steel reinforcement in both directions
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q10. To support a heavy structure in sandy soil, the type of foundation generally used, is

(A) Combined footing
(B) Raft footing
(C) Pier footing
(D) Strap footing

Answer: (C) Pier footing

Q11. The position of a brick when laid on its side 9 cm × 9 cm with its frog in the vertical plane, is called

(A) Brick on edge
(B) Brick on end
(C) Brick on bed
(D) Brick held vertically

Answer:(B) Brick on end

Q12. In any good staircase, the maximum and minimum pitch respectively should be

(A) 90° and 0°
(B) 75° and 30°
(C) 60° and 10°
(D) 40° and 25°

Answer: (D) 40° and 25°

Q13. The vertical side member of a shutter frame, is known

(A) Style
(B) Reveal
(C) Mullion
(D) Post

Answer: (A) Style

Q14. A floor constructed with the 4 to 6 mm marble chips, is known

(A) Reinforced marble floor
(B) Terrazzo floor
(C) Marble floor
(D) Chip floor

Answer: (B) Terrazzo floor

Q15. Raft foundation are generally preferred to when the area required for individual footing, is more than

(A) 25% to total area
(B) 30% of total area
(C) 40% to total area
(D) 50% of total area

Answer: (D) 50% of total area

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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