Civil Engineering Questions and Answers Building Construction – Set 13

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Q1. The triangular space formed between the extrados and the horizontal line drawn through the crown of an arch is known as

(A) Haunch
(B) Spandril
(C) Voussoirs
(D) Skewbacks

Answer: (B) Spandril

Q2. A concrete structure is set on fire and the temperature raises to 1000°C. The strength of concrete as compared to original strength reduces to

(A) 10 %
(B) 15 %
(C) 20 %
(D) 25 %

Answer: (C) 20 %

Q3. The ceiling height of a building is

(A) Between ceiling and ground level
(B) Between ceiling and floor level
(C) Upto roof above ground level
(D) Upto ceiling from the ground level

Answer: (B) Between ceiling and floor level

Q4. For providing a raft foundation, the following activities are involved
Ramming the foundation bed
Excavation of the soil upto required depth
Laying the reinforcement over the foundation bed
Curing the cement concrete placed over reinforcement
Pouring the cement concrete over the reinforcement
The correct sequence is

(A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
(B) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
(C) 2, 1, 3, 5, 4
(D) 3, 2, 5, 1, 4

Answer: (C) 2, 1, 3, 5, 4

Q5. The horizontal timber piece provided at the apex of a roof truss which supports the common rafter is called

(A) Ridge board
(B) Hip rafter
(C) Eaves board
(D) Valley rafter

Answer: (A) Ridge board

Q6. The skirting/dado in a bath roof should be upto

(A) Ceiling
(B) 15 cm above floor level
(C) 200 cm
(D) Level of the tap

Answer: (C) 200 cm

Q7. The stone whose crushing strength is maximum, is

(A) Granite
(B) Chalk
(C) Slate
(D) Sand stone

Answer: (A) Granite

Q8. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

(A) In dog-legged stairs, no space between its flights is provided
(B) In open newel stair, a rectangular well is provided
(C) In geometric stair, a curved shaped well between forward and backward flights, is provided
(D) In geometrical stair, two quarter space landing is provided

Answer: (D) In geometrical stair, two quarter space landing is provided

Q9. The bearing capacity of piles is determined by

(A) Dynamic formula
(B) Static formula
(C) Pile load tests
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q10. Brick nogging type of partition wall, is constructed by

(A) Laying bricks as stretchers in cement mortar
(B) Laying bricks as headers in cement mortar
(C) Reinforcing brick wall with iron straps
(D) Constructing brick work within a wooden framework

Answer: (D) Constructing brick work within a wooden framework

Q11. The maximum number of steps in a flight should generally be restricted to

(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 15
(D) No limit

Answer: (B) 12

Q12. The vertical sides of a door and window openings provided in a wall, are known as

(A) Verticals
(B) Reveals
(C) Jambs
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Jambs

Q13. Couple close roof is suitable for maximum span of

(A) 2.5 m
(B) 3.5 m
(C) 4.5 m
(D) 5.5 m

Answer: (C) 4.5 m

Q14. In flat roof of reinforced cement concrete, the recommended angle of slope, is

(A) Zero
(B) A few degrees
(C) 10°
(D) 200°

Answer: (B) A few degrees

Q15. The type of ashlar masonry in which stones are finely chisel dressed and thickness of joints does not exceed 3 mm, is

(A) Chamfered ashlar masonry
(B) Ashlar facing masonry
(C) Random coursed ashlar masonry
(D) Coursed ashlar masonry

Answer: (D) Coursed ashlar masonry

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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