Computer Awareness GK Question SET-2

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Q1.While browsing internet, what do we call the area of storage that compensates for the different speeds of data flow or timings of events by temporarily holding a block of data that is waiting to be processed?

[A] Cache
[B] Buffer
[C] Flash
[D] Trash

Correct Answer: B [Buffer]

Q2.Which of the following are part of the Logical Operations of the computer?

[A] Addition
[B] Greater Than
[C] Subtraction
[D] Differentials

Correct Answer: B [Greater Than]

Q3.A communication system which transfers data between the components inside a computer or even between computers is known as

[A] Bus
[B] Wire
[C] Knot
[D] Line

Correct Answer: A [Bus]

Q4.What is the full form of SSD?

[A] Solid State Drive
[B] Software State Drive
[C] Solid Software Drive
[D] Solid State Driver

Correct Answer: A [Solid State Drive]

Q5.What is the full form of IEC?

[A] International Electrotechnical Commission
[B] International Electrical Council
[C] Internet Embedded Commission
[D] None of the Above

Correct Answer: A [International Electrotechnical Commission]

Q6.What do we call an input/output device on a computer, reserved for communication between the computer operator or maintenance engineer and the computer?

[A] EDP Device
[B] Console
[C] Jokey
[D] Link Device

Correct Answer: B [Console]

Q7.What parts did the first Analytical Engine incorporate which made it the first design for a general-purpose computer?

[A] Integrated memory
[B] Arithmetic Logic Unit
[C] Control Flow
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

Q8.Which of the following is not an input device of the computer?

[A] Trackball
[B] Image Scanner
[C] Joystick
[D] Sound Card

Correct Answer: D [Sound Card]

Q9.Which of the following components of Personal Computer maintains date and time of the system?

[D] Motherboard

Correct Answer: A [CMOS RAM]

Q10.Which among the following is the term given to the three rules to find logically implied functional dependencies?

[A] Reflexivity Rules
[B] Normalization Rules
[C] W. Armstrong’s Axioms
[D] Closure Rules

Correct Answer: C [W. Armstrong’s Axioms]

Q11.For his major role in the development of computer chip ‘Pentium’, which Indian IT expert is called the ‘Father of Pentium’ ?

[A] Ajay Bhatt
[B] Anand Chandrasekher
[C] Vinod Dham
[D] Biswamohan Pani

Correct Answer: C [Vinod Dham]

Q12.In each of the computer parts, there are many trillions of electrical circuits which can be turned on or off with the help of an electronic switch. How are these arranged?

[A] Circuit Gates
[B] Circuit Bypass
[C] Logic Gates
[D] Data Knots

Correct Answer: C [Logic Gates]

Q13.Which of the following is a quickly accessible location which is available to the Central Processing Unit of the computer?

[A] Memory
[C] Processor Register
[D] Graphic Card

Correct Answer: C [Processor Register]

Q14.Which of the following is the another name for the Hard Disk Drive?

[A] Thin Film Drive
[C] Winchester Drive
[D] Floppy Disk Drive

Correct Answer: C [Winchester Drive]

Q15.What is the full form of DHCP?

[A] Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
[B] Destined Host Configuration Protocol
[C] Data Hosting Central Protocol
[D] Dynamic Housing Central Protocol

Correct Answer: A [Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol]

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