Computer Awareness GK Question SET-3

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Q1.Which among the following is NOT a web browser?

[A] SpaceTime
[B] NeoPlanet
[C] Sputnik
[D] MeeGo

Correct Answer: D [MeeGo]

Q2.Which of the following is not an arithmetic capability of a computer?

[A] Addition and Subtraction
[B] Calculation
[C] Copy and Paste
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: C [Copy and Paste]

Q3.What is the meaning of the Greek word analogon from which the word analog has been derived?

[A] According to an Equation
[B] According to a Sum
[C] According to a Ratio
[D] According to a Dividend

Correct Answer: C [According to a Ratio ]

Q4.How many pins are there on a Video Graphics Array connector?

[A] 12
[B] 13
[C] 15
[D] 16

Correct Answer: C [15]

Q5.Which of the following networking devices is used for delivery of messages between VPN nodes?

[A] Router
[B] VPN connector
[C] Switch
[D] Hub

Correct Answer: B [VPN connector]

Q6.“Macintosh” an Operating System is a product of ?

[A] Microsoft
[B] Apple
[C] Intel
[D] Google

Correct Answer: B [Apple]

Q7.Which of the following is a single integrated circuit on which a CPUs are typically constructed?

[A] Microprocessor
[B] Memory
[C] Motherboard
[D] Hard Disk

Correct Answer: A [Microprocessor]

Q8.How is data transmitted in analog computers?

[A] Continuous Signals
[B] Discrete Signals
[C] Intermittent Signals
[D] Interrupted Signals

Correct Answer: A [Continuous Signals]

Q9.Who among the following gave the first theory related to computer software?

[A] Ada Lovelace
[B] Alan Turing
[C] Steve Jobs
[D] Bill Gates

Correct Answer: B [Alan Turing]

Q10.What is the name given to the device that converts between two different types of transmission for interoperation?

[A] Bridge Router
[B] Protocol Convertor
[C] Multilayer Switch
[D] Hub Jointer

Correct Answer: B [Protocol Convertor]

Q11.Which of the following are part of the Logical Operations of the computer?

[A] Addition
[B] Greater Than
[C] Subtraction
[D] Differentials

Correct Answer: B [Greater Than]

Q12.What controlled the data-processing operations in the Harvard Mark I?

[A] Electric relays
[B] Memory
[C] Switching Devices
[D] Both 1 and 3

Correct Answer: D [Both 1 and 3]

Q13.In what form is the data expressed in a digital computer?

[A] Binary
[B] Tertiary
[C] Primary
[D] Secondary

Correct Answer: A [Binary]

Q14.Which of the following is the first layer of software loaded into computer memory when it starts up?

[A] Device Driver
[B] Operating System
[C] Language Translator
[D] System Utilities

Correct Answer: B [Operating System]

Q15.Which one of the below is known as the Multi-Port Repeater?

[A] Firewall
[C] Hub
[D] Switch

Correct Answer: C [Hub]

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