Computer Awareness GK Question SET-4

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Q1.Which of the following devices comprise the output unit?

[A] Control Unit
[B] Visual Display Unit
[C] Secondary Memory
[D] Primary Memory

Correct Answer: B [Visual Display Unit]

Q2.Which was the earliest commercial, non-kit microcomputer based on a microprocessor?

[A] MIR Series
[B] Micral N
[C] Datapoint 2200
[D] HP 9800

Correct Answer: B [Micral N]

Q3.What is the function of a digital component in a hybrid computer?

[A] Controller
[B] Storage
[C] Solver of Differential equations
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: A [Controller]

Q4.What is the name given to a person who designs the programs in a software package?

[A] User
[B] Software Instructor
[C] Software Designer
[D] System Programmer

Correct Answer: D [System Programmer]

Q5.What are the other names for a Network Interface Card?

[A] LAN adaptor
[B] Network adaptor
[C] Network Card
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

Q6.Which of the following are the features of a Spreadsheet?

[A] Layers and Lines
[B] Rows and Columns
[C] Layers and Planes
[D] Height and Width

Correct Answer: B [Rows and Columns]

Q7.Which of these waves is most commonly used by wireless mouse to communicate?

[A] Infrared
[B] Microwaves
[C] Radio waves
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Infrared]

Q8.Which of these internet connections is always connected to the internet?

[A] Dial-up
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: C [DSL]

Q9.What is the use of VLOOKUP function in MS Excel?

[A] to get the maximum value among set of data
[B] to copy a row
[C] to find things in a table
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: C [to find things in a table]

Q10.What is the full form of MIME?

[A] Model Internet Media Email
[B] Media Instant Messaging Extensions
[C] Model Instant Messaging Extensions
[D] Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions

Correct Answer: D [Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions]

Q11.Which of the following is the location information application software?

[B] Google
[C] ArcGIS
[D] Win

Correct Answer: C [ArcGIS]

Q12.UMTS is a standard for which of the following networks?

[A] 2G
[B] 3G
[C] 4G
[D] 5G

Correct Answer: B [3G]

Q13.Which of these protocols is used to login into a remote computer?

[A] Telnet

Correct Answer: A [Telnet]

Q14.What is the default file extension of MS Excel files?

[A] .acs
[B] .exc
[C] .exe
[D] .xls

Correct Answer: D [.xls]

Q15.What do we call a malware that blocks access to the victim’s data and threatens to publish or delete it unless money is paid?

[A] Adware
[B] Ransomware
[C] Identity Theft
[D] Dropper

Correct Answer: B [Ransomware]

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