Computer Awareness GK Question SET-5

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Q1.What is the name given to the specialized application that is build for a specific business?

[A] Vertical Application
[B] Horizontal Application
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the Above

Correct Answer: A [Vertical Application]

Q2.Which of the following techniques is used by UMTS?


Correct Answer: B [CDMA]

Q3.Which of these protocols is used to querying and modifying directory services running over a network?

[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: B [LDAP]

Q4.What is the use of ‘Ctrl + ;’ key combination in MS Excel?

[A] Inserts current date
[B] Inserts current time
[C] Inserts current day
[D] Inserts current timestamp

Correct Answer: A [Inserts current date]

Q5.What is the attack called where the hackers look for insecure websites and plant a malicious script into the sourcecode?

[A] Drive-by attack
[B] IP Spoofing
[C] Phishing
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Drive-by attack]

Q6.Which of the following is the scripting and programming language developed by John .H.Thompson for use in Adobe Director?

[A] Java
[B] Lingo
[D] Ruby

Correct Answer: B [Lingo]

Q7.Which university was connected for the first time with the Stanford Research Institute under ARPANET?

[A] University of California
[B] University of Michigan
[C] Harvard University
[D] University of New York

Correct Answer: A [University of California]

Q8.Which of these rendering engines is used by Chrome web browser?

[A] Gecko
[B] Blink
[C] Quantum
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: B [Blink]

Q9.What is the use of Shift + F11 in MS Excel?

[A] Deletes the workbook
[B] Deletes the current sheet
[C] Inserts a new sheet
[D] Inserts a new row

Correct Answer: C [Inserts a new sheet]

Q10.Which of these malicious programs collect information about users and sends the data to a remote user?

[A] Polymorphic virus
[B] Boot-record infector
[C] Spyware
[D] File Infector

Correct Answer: C [Spyware]

Q11.Which of the following languages was first conceived by Alain Colmerauer?

[A] Prolog
[C] Java

Correct Answer: A [Prolog]

Q12.What is the name of the first computer virus, that affected ARPANET?

[A] Mayhem
[B] Creeper
[C] Boom
[D] Attack

Correct Answer: B [Creeper]

Q13.Which of these layout engines was used by Opera before it transitioned to Blink?

[A] Goanna
[C] Gecko
[D] Presto

Correct Answer: D [Presto]

Q14.Which of these is a shortcut to add a border to the selected cell in MS Excel?

[A] CTRL + Shift + /
[B] CTRL + Shift + &
[C] ALT + Shift + /
[D] ALT + Shift + B

Correct Answer: B [CTRL + Shift + &]

Q15.What are the viruses that rewrite themselves completely each time they are to infect new executables, known as?

[A] Metamorphic virus
[B] Polymorphic virus
[C] Macro virus
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Metamorphic virus]

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