Current Affairs Quiz: July 2019 UPSC, SSC, Competitive Exam (SET-3)

Here you will find Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Questions for July 2019 Current Affairs Quiz with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the Latest Exam as per new exam pattern. This July assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the July 2019 Current Affairs Quiz. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of July 2019 Current Affairs Quiz. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1.Which state government has decided to bring legislation for ensuring Journalists’ job security?

[A] West Bengal
[B] Odisha
[C] Jharkhand
[D] Uttar Pradesh

Answer: A [West Bengal]

Q2.Which state has become the first Indian State to reserve 75% private jobs for local youths?

[A] West Bengal
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Kerala
[D] Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D [Andhra Pradesh]

Q3.What is the India’s rank in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019?

[A] 64th
[B] 52nd
[C] 45th
[D] 33rd

Answer: B [52nd ]

Q4.Which RBI deputy governor has been assigned to run the monetary policy portfolio?

[A] Viral Acharya
[B] M K Jain
[C] N S Vishwanathan
[D] B P Kanungo

Answer: D [B P Kanungo]

Q5.Which company has become the official sponsor for the Indian cricket team?

[A] BYJU’s
[B] Jio
[C] Vedantu
[D] Airtel

Answer: A [BYJU’s ]

Q6.Securitypedia has been launched by which Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) of India?


Answer: D [CISF]

Q7.The 5th International Dharma-Dhamma conference was held in which city?

[A] Dharamshala
[B] Patna
[C] Rajgir
[D] Shimla

Answer: C [Rajgir]

Q8.Shawala Teja Singh temple, which is in news recently, is located in which country?

[A] Malaysia
[B] Indonesia
[C] Pakistan
[D] Cambodia

Answer: C [Pakistan ]

Q9.According to the 2019 Tiger Census report, which state has recorded highest number of tigers?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Uttarakhand
[C] Karnataka
[D] Chhattisgarh

Answer: A [Madhya Pradesh]

Q10.Who has become the first IAF pilot to complete wingsuit skydive jump?

[A] Mridula Garg
[B] Tarun Chaudhri
[C] Ramesh chandra Tomar
[D] Jainendra Kumar

Answer: B [Tarun Chaudhri]

Q11.Which organisation/body organised the Indo-Pacific Business Summit 2021, in association with the External Affairs Ministry?


Answer: B [CII]

Q12.Which country launched an online hub for the victims of ransomware attacks?

[A] China
[C] Russia
[D] Australia

Answer: B [USA]

Q13.Which country’s Equality Ministry approved the bill allowing ‘Gender Self Identification’?

[A] Germany
[B] Spain
[C] France
[D] Italy

Answer: B [Spain]

Q14.Researchers from which University has begun the clinical trial of potential HIV vaccine, HIVconsvX?

[A] Oxford
[B] Harvard
[C] Cambridge

Answer: A [Oxford]

Q15.Bashar al-Assad has sworn in as the President of which country for the 4th time?

[A] Palestine
[B] Iraq
[C] Iran
[D] Syria

Answer: D [Syria]

Q16.Which is the largest milk producing country in the world?

[A] India
[B] United States
[C] China
[D] Denmark

Answer: A [India ]

Q17.The UNICEF is set to supply 220 million doses of vaccine against Covid-19, for countries in which group?

[A] African Union

Answer: A [African Union]

Q18.‘Kraaling’ is a process used in training/ taming which animal?

[A] Elephant
[B] Camel
[C] Giraffe
[D] Gorilla

Answer: A [Elephant]

Q19.Hou Yifan, who won the 2021 Women’s Speed Chess Championship, is from which country?

[A] Thailand
[B] Japan
[C] China
[D] Singapore

Answer: C [China]

Q20.Shyam Srinivasan has been re-appointed as the managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO) of which bank?

[A] Axis Bank
[B] Federal Bank
[C] ICICI Bank
[D] Yes Bank

Answer: B [Federal Bank]

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