Current Affairs Quiz: October 2018 UPSC, SSC, Competitive Exam (SET-16)

Here you will find Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Questions for October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the Latest Exam as per new exam pattern. This December assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1.Which of the following cities is the venue of the 4th Edition Of Global Partners’ Forum?

[A] Kochi
[B] Chennai
[C] Kolkata
[D] New Delhi

Answer: D [New Delhi]

Q2.Who is the head of IRDA panel to study feasibility of paying claims in installments?

[A] Suresh Mathur
[B] Injeti Srinivas
[C] Vinod Paul
[D] Rakesh Srivastava

Answer: A [Suresh Mathur]

Q3.In which year, the Azad Hind Government was formed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

[A] 1943
[B] 1942
[C] 1940
[D] 1941

Answer: A [1943]

Q4.The 2018 Vishwa Shanti Ahimsa Sammelan (VSAS) has started in which state?

[A] West Bengal
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Gujarat
[D] Uttar Pradesh

Answer: B [Maharashtra ]

Q5.Which US-based Dalit writer has won the 2018 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize?

[A] Deepak Unnikrishnan
[B] Aanchal Malhotra
[C] Sujatha Gidla
[D] Sanam Maher

Answer: C [Sujatha Gidla ]

Q6.The 27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2018) has started in which city?

[A] Lucknow
[B] Gandhi Nagar
[C] Jaipur
[D] New Delhi

Answer: B [Gandhi Nagar]

Q7.Who heads the parliamentary standing committee on labour to examine the functioning of Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)?

[A] Vikram Usendi
[B] Kirit Somaiya
[C] Radheshyam Biswas
[D] Santosh Kumar

Answer: B [Kirit Somaiya]

Q8.Which of the following banks has become the India’s first PSU bank to introduce comprehensive wealth business services for its clients?

[D] Dena Bank

Answer: A [SBI]

Q9.What is “poly-Oxime”, that was developed recently by Indian researchers and was making news?

[A] A skin gel
[B] A pesticide
[C] A very strong nano-material
[D] A coolant

Answer: A [A skin gel ]

Q10.Who is the author of the book “Nehru and Bose: Parallel Lives”?

[A] Arpita Ghosh
[B] Abhijit Mukherjee
[C] Rudrangshu Mukherjee
[D] Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Answer: C [Rudrangshu Mukherjee]

Q11.Which of the following is the India’s first domestic cruise?

[A] Dhruv
[B] Angriya
[C] Parry
[D] Tarangini

Answer: B [Angriya]

Q12.What is the India’s rank in the valuable nation brand list, according to Brand Finance’s Nation Brand report 2018?

[A] 7th
[B] 8th
[C] 9th
[D] 6th

Answer: C [9th ]

Q13.Who has been honoured with the 19th Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration?

[A] Fali S. Nariman
[B] Bindeshwar Pathak
[C] D K Srivastava
[D] Ajit Doval

Answer: A [Fali S. Nariman]

Q14.Sittwe Port, which is in news recently, is located in which country?

[A] Sri Lanka
[B] Myanmar
[C] India
[D] Bangladesh

Answer: B [Myanmar]

Q15.Which UN organization is supporting the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which has recently approved $43 million for India’s coastal communities?


Answer: D [UNDP]

Q16.On which date, the National Police Commemoration Day (NPCD) is observed recently?

[A] October 24
[B] October 21
[C] October 22
[D] October 23

Answer: B [October 21]

Q17.Which of the following cricket teams has won the 2018 Vijay Hazare Trophy?

[A] Mumbai
[B] Delhi
[C] Bihar
[D] Kolkata

Answer: A [Mumbai ]

Q18.Japanese biologist Osamu Shimomura, who passed away recently, won the 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry for discovery of __?

[A] Green fluorescent protein
[B] Quasi crystals
[C] Cryo-electron microscopy
[D] Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation

Answer: A [Green fluorescent protein]

Q19.Which country has officially opened the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge?

[A] Russia
[B] China
[C] Indonesia
[D] Japan

Answer: B [China]

Q20.Who has won the 2018 Cameroonian presidential election?

[A] Dion Ngute
[B] Clement Atangana
[C] Maurice Kamto
[D] Paul Biya

Answer: D [Paul Biya]

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