Current Affairs Quiz: October 2018 UPSC, SSC, Competitive Exam (SET-21)

Here you will find Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Questions for October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the Latest Exam as per new exam pattern. This December assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1. Recently who mentioned that from the next academic session, ‘Paika Bidroha’ (Paika rebellion) of 1817 will included in history text books as ‘the First War of Independence’?

A] Smriti Zubin Irani
B] Prakash Javedakar
C] Dharmendra Pradhan
D] Ram Vilas Paswan

Answer: B[ Prakash Javedakar]

Q2. Recently which state Government releases 3rd installment under Crop Loan Waiver Scheme?

A] Uttar Pradesh
B] Bihar
C] Andhra Pradesh
D] Tamil Nadu

Answer: C[ Andhra Pradesh ]

Q3. Recently noted Malayalam filmmaker I.V. Sasi passed away at the age of _.

A] 69 Years
B] 73 Years
C] 86 Years
D] 91 Years

Answer: A[ 69 Years]

Q4. Recently India gifts war memorabilia to which country?

A] Pakistan
B] China
C] Bangladesh
D] Japan

Answer: C[ Bangladesh]

Q5. Recently with which country Indonesia Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) begins?

A] America
B] India
C] Brazil
D] Russia

Answer: B[ India ]

Q6. Recently which country has announced to launch its own satellite system in June 2019?

A] Myanmar
B] Nepal
C] Bhutan
D] Bangladesh

Answer: A[ Myanmar]

Q7. Every year World Development Information Day was observed on _.

A] October 23
B] October 22
C] October 21
D] October 24

Answer: D[ October 24]

Q8. When the United Nations Day is celebrated every year across the world?

A] October 24
B] October 22
C] October 23
D] October 20

Answer: A[ October 24 ]

Q9. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is set to make Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) compulsory for companies having aggregate fund-based and non-fund based exposure over how many crore?

A] Rs 10 Crore
B] Rs 5 Crore
C] Rs 2 Crore
D] Rs 15 Crore

Answer: B[ Rs 5 Crore]

Q10. Recently Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) India, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with which bank for export finance?

A] HDFC Bank
B] Axis Bank
C] PNB Bank
D] Kotak Mahindra Bank

Answer: C[ PNB Bank]

Q11. Recently which Bank launches Cobrand App with MobiKwik?

A] IndusInd Bank
B] HDFC Bank
C] Bandhan Bank
D] Bijaya Bank

Answer: A[ IndusInd Bank]

Q12. Recently which state Election Department has entered Limca Book of Records for the formation of the biggest human logo comprising young voters in the state?

A] Manipur
B] Mizoram
C] Meghalaya
D] Nagaland

Answer: C[ Meghalaya]

Q13. Recently who has been appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?

A] Suresh Sethi
B] A]P. Singh
C] Manoj Sinha
D] A]N. Nanda

Answer: A[ Suresh Sethi]

Q14. Recently who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)?

A] Sundeep Sikka
B] NS Venkatesh
C] Balkrishna Kini
D] Kailash Kulkarni

Answer: B[ NS Venkatesh]

Q15. Who has become the first Indian to occupy the top spot (3,455 points) on the ITTF World Junior Circuit standings?

A] Kamlesh Mehta
B] Chetan Baboor
C] S Raman
D] Manav Thakkar

Answer: D[ Manav Thakkar]

Q16. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s latest communication satellite _ was successfully launched on board Ariane apace rocket from Kourou in French Guiana on June 29, 2018.

A] GSAT[18
B] GSAT[17
C] GSAT[19
D] GSAT[20


Q17. Recently a new cyber attack to WannaCry, carried out by Petya Virus, hit a terminal operated at which port in India?

A] Paradip Port Trust
B] Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
C] Visakhapatnam Port Trust
D] Kolkata Port Trust

Answer[B[Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust]

Q18. Recently Prime Minister Naqrendra Modi attended centenary celebrations of Sabarmati Ashram in:

A] Ahmedabad
B] Surat
C] Vadodara
D] Jamnagar


Q19. Recently Delhi Development Authority was launched its new housing scheme with how many flats?

A] 10,000
B] 12,000
C] 15,000
D] 18,000


Q20. Recently joint Trade Committee Meeting between India and Myanmar was held in

A] Gujarat
B] Mumbai
C] New Delhi
D] Punjab

Answer[C[New Delhi ]

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