Current Affairs Quiz: October 2019 UPSC, SSC, Competitive Exam (SET-19)

Here you will find Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Questions for October 2019 Current Affairs Quiz with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the Latest Exam as per new exam pattern. This October assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the October 2019 Current Affairs Quiz. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of October 2019 Current Affairs Quiz. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1:__ district has become the first Kerosene-free district of Gujarat.

A. Gandhinagar
B. Ahmedabad
C. Surat
D. Vadodara

Answer: A[Gandhinagar]

Q2:__ has launched SMARTPORT Platform which is an online platform launched to trade and export promotion in all ports in the state.

A. Telangana
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Karnataka
D. Kerala

Answer: B[Andhra Pradesh]

Q3:What is the Capital of Argentina?

A. Buenos Aires
B. Santiago
C. Rio de Janeiro
D. Montevideo

Answer: A[Buenos Aires]

Q4:Philippe of _ has appointed Sophie Wilmes as the interim Prime Minister of the country.

A. Belgium
B. Netherlands
C. Italy
D. Switzerland

Answer: A[Belgium]

Q5:IIT __ and KIIT Bhubaneswar will develop ‘Bio Bricks’ from Agricultural Waste.

A. Hyderabad
B. Mumbai
C. Kanpur
D. Madras

Answer: A[Hyderabad]

Q6:__ has been appointed as Director General of Bureau of Indian Standards.

A. Pramod Kumar Sharma
B. Pramod Kumar Moody
C. Pramod Kumar Tiwari
D. Pramod Kumar Gupta

Answer: C[Pramod Kumar Tiwari]

Q7:__’s CEO Jensen Huang has topped the Best-Performing CEOs in the World, 2019′ list by Harvard Business Review.

A. Asus
D. Intel

Answer: C[NVIDIA]

Q8:Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty have bagged Silver Medal in men’s doubles event at 2019 _ Open (Badminton).

A. French
B. Spanish
C. German
D. England

Answer: A[French]

Q9:What is the Capital of Mozambique?

A. Maputo
B. Metical
C. Mozambican
D. Noro

Answer: A[Maputo]

Q10:Odisha CM __ has launched a social service initiative ‘Odisha Mo Parivar’ (Odisha, my family).

A. Biju Patnaik
B. Naveen Patnaik
C. Baijayant Panda
D. Biju Patnaik

Answer: B[Naveen Patnaik]

Q11:Chenani-Nashri Tunnel of __ will be renamed after Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.

A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Uttarakhand
D. Sikkim

Answer: A[Jammu and Kashmir]

Q12:Ministry of Textile Secretary, Ravi Capoor has inaugurated 48th edition of the Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair (IHGF) in _.

A. Mumbai
B. Delhi
C. Kolkata
D. Chennai

Answer: B[Delhi]

Q13:Minister of Tourism and Culture ____ has inaugurated Shirui Lily Festival, 2019 in Manipur.

A. Prahlad Singh Patel
B. Pralhad Joshi
C. Faggan Singh Kulaste
D. RK Singh

Answer: A[Prahlad Singh Patel]

Q14: __ Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation Awards were announced at a ceremony held in Penang, Malaysia


Answer: D[UNESCO]

Q15:Royal Mint of _ has claimed to have unveiled the world’s first Solid Gold Payment Card of 18-karat gold.

C. Japan
D. China

Answer: A[UK]

Q16:_ has announced the establishment of World’s first AI university ‘Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence’.

A. Qatar
B. Saudi Arabia
D. Iran

Answer: C[UAE]

Q17:The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is an international observance celebrated every year on __ throughout the world.

A. October 15
B. October 16
C. October 18
D. October 17

Answer: D[October 17]

Q18:India is ranked at _ position among 128 countries in the 10th edition of World Giving Index-2019.
A. 82nd
B. 83rd
C. 89th
D. 85th

Answer: A[82nd]

Q19:The 2nd Edition of India Mobile Congress 2019 held in Aerocity, _.

A. Hyderabad
B. Bangalore
C. Mumbai
D. New Delhi

Answer: A[Hyderabad]

Q20:_ will introduce a 3% Web-tax on Digital Giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon from 2020.

A. Argentina
B. Italy
C. Brazil
D. Canada

Answer: B[Italy]

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