Current Affairs Quiz: September 2018 UPSC, SSC, Competitive Exam (SET-21)

Here you will find Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Questions for September 2018 Current Affairs Quiz with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the Latest Exam as per new exam pattern. This December assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the September 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of September 2018 Current Affairs Quiz. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1. Recently IAF successfully conducts development trials of _ missile.

A] Agni
B] Astra
C] Akash
D] Nag

Answer: B[ Astra]

Q2. Which state has introduced Yatrik mobile application to help in easy booking of meter taxis?

A] Gujarat
B] Punjab
C] West Bengal
D] Assam

Answer: C[ West Bengal ]

Q3. On 17th September 2017, Celebrates how many years birth anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

A] 67th
B] 70th
C] 65th
D] 62nd

Answer: A[ 67th ]

Q4. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated which dam at Gujarat’s Kavedia?

A] Ukai Dam
B] Sardar Sarovar Dam
C] Dharoi Dam
D] Sukhi Dam

Answer: B[ Sardar Sarovar Dam]

Q5. According to a recently released circular by Indian Railways, passengers in reserved coaches of trains will now only be allowed to sleep between ______.

A] 9 pm and 5 am
B] 10 pm and 6 am
C] 8 pm and 8 am
D] 11 pm and 6 am

Answer: B[ 10 pm and 6 am ]

Q6. Recently Indian Air force Marshal Arjan Singh passed away at the age of

A] 92
B] 85
C] 98
D] 95

Answer: C[ 98 ]

Q7. Every year on which date the International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer (World Ozone Day) is observed?

A] 15th September
B] 16th September
C] 14th September
D] 17th September

Answer: B[ 16th September]

Q8. Recently India and which country agreed to ink ‘open sky arrangement’?

A] China
B] Brazil
C] America
D] Japan

Answer: D[ Japan]

Q9. Toshiba and Denso to set up India’s first lithium-ion battery facility in which state?

A] Punjab
B] Karnataka
C] Gujarat
D] West Bengal

Answer: C[ Gujarat ]

Q10. Which Country Signs 76 Million US Dollar Loan Deal with Japan International Cooperation Limited (JICA) to Upgrade Alang-Sosiya Shipyards?

A] India
B] Australia
C] England
D] Bangladesh

Answer: A[ India]

Q11. Which city ranked 60th position in 2017 Global Financial Centres Index?

A] Kolkata
B] Mumbai
C] Delhi
D] Chennai

Answer: B[ Mumbai ]

Q12. India’s Forex Reserves Top __ billion for the First Time.

A] $200 billion
B] $400 billion
C] $300 billion
D] $500 billion

Answer: B[ $400 billion]

Q13. Recently who awarded the ‘President’s Medal’?

A] Sonia Narang
B] Roopa Moudgil
C] Ajit Kumar Doval
D] Vinod Kumar Chaubey

Answer: B[ Roopa Moudgil]

Q14. Recently who became the first Indian to lift the Korea Open Superseries title?

A] Saina Nehwal
B] PV Sindhu
C] Aparna Popat
D] Jwala Gutta

Answer: B[ PV Sindhu]

Q15. Recently which Indian player completed 100 fifties in international cricket?

A] Rohit Sharma
B] MS Dhoni
C] Yuvraj Singh
D] Virat Kohli

Answer: B[ MS Dhoni ]

Q16. Which day is observed as International Day of Cooperatives 2017?

A] First Saturday of July
B] Second Saturday of July
C] Fourth Saturday of July
D] First Saturday of August

Answer: A[First Saturday of July]

Q17. Recently at the age of __ Simone Veil iconic European feminist politician was dieD]

A] 90
B] 88
C] 98
D] 89

Answer: D[89 ]

Q18. The USA has decided to sell one C-17 transport aircraft to which country?

A] Myanmar
B] India
C] Bangladesh
D] Canada

Answer: B[India]

Q19. Recently United States issues New Visa Criteria for how many Muslim Countries?

A] Seven
B] Eight
C] Six
D] Five

Answer: C[Six]

Q20. Which country becomes first to give to UN Tax Fund with $100000 contribution?

A] India
B] Russia
C] Japan
D] Germany

Answer: A[India]

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