Design of Steel Structures Objective Questions and Answers Set – 21

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Q1. The failure of a web plate takes place by yielding if the ratio of the clear depth to thickness of the web, is less than

(A) 45
(B) 55
(C) 62
(D) 82

Answer: (D) 82

Q2. A riveted joint may experience

(A) Shear failure
(B) Shear failure of plates
(C) Bearing failure
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q3. Strengths of a rivet in single shearing, in bearing and in tearing are 3425 kg, 4575 kg and 5025 kg respectively. If the load in the member is 35 tonnes, the number of rivets required, is

(A) 10
(B) 11
(C) 12
(D) 13

Answer: (D) 13

Q4. The actual thickness of butt weld as compared to the thickness of plate is usually

(A) More
(B) Less
(C) Equal
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) More

Q5. IS : 800 – 1971 recommends that in a splice plate the number of rivets carrying calculated shear stress through a packing greater than 6 mm thick, is to be increased by 2.5% for every

(A) 1.00 mm thickness of packing
(B) 1.50 mm thickness of packing
(C) 2.0 mm thickness of packing
(D) 2.50 mm thickness of packing

Answer: (C) 2.0 mm thickness of packing

Q6. The bending moment for filler joists at the middle of an intermediate span, is

(A) WL2/10
(B) – WL2/10
(C) – WL2/12
(D) WL2/12

Answer: (D) WL2/12

Q7. The ratio of longitudinal stress to strain within elastic limit, is known as

(A) Modulus of elasticity
(B) Shear modulus of elasticity
(C) Bulk modulus of elasticity
(D) All the above

Answer: (A) Modulus of elasticity

Q8. To the calculated area of cover plates of a built-up beam, an allowance for rivet holes to be added, is

(A) 10 %
(B) 13 %
(C) 15 %
(D) 18 %

Answer: (B) 13 %

Q9. A simply supported beam carrying a central load, will be safe in deflection if the ratio of its span to depth, is

(A) < 19 (B) < 24 (C) > 19
(D) > 24

Answer: (B) < 24

Q10. The slenderness ratio of lacing bars should not exceed

(A) 100
(B) 120
(C) 145
(D) 180

Answer: (C) 145

Q11. If the moment of inertia of a section about its axis is ‘I’ and its effective sectional area is ‘A’, its radius of gyration r about the axis, is

(A) r = I/A
(B) r = √(I/A)
(C) r = ∛(I/A)
(D) r = √(A/I)

Answer: (B) r = √(I/A)

Q12. If L is the overall length of a combined footing having A as its area, d being the distance between the centre of gravity of the base and centre of the base, the larger width b is

(A) (A/L) + (3Ad/L2)
(B) (A/L) + (6Ad/L2)
(C) (A/L) – (6Ad/L2)
(D) (A/L) – (3Ad/L2)

Answer: (B) (A/L) + (6Ad/L2)

Q13. In a fillet weld placed on the sides of the base, the metal experiences

(A) Shear
(B) Tension
(C) Compression
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q14. A structural member subjected to compressive stress in a direction parallel to its longitudinal axis, is generally known as

(A) Column
(B) Stanchion
(C) Post
(D) All the above

Answer:(D) All the above

Q15. If p and d are pitch and gross diameter of rivets, the efficiency (η) of the riveted joint, is given by

(A) η = p/(p – d)
(B) η = p/(p + d)
(C) η = (p – d)/p
(D) η = (p + d)/p

Answer: (C) η = (p – d)/p

Design of Steel Structures MCQ SET wise with Answers

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