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Q1. Smelting is the process of

(A) Removing the impurities like clay, sand etc. from the iron ore by washing with water
(B) Expelling moisture, carbon dioxide, sulphur and arsenic from the iron ore by heating in shallow kilns
(C) Reducing the ore with carbon in the presence of a flux
(D) All of the above

Answer: (C) Reducing the ore with carbon in the presence of a flux

Q2. Cast iron is manufactured in

(A) Blast furnace
(B) Cupola
(C) Open hearth furnace
(D) Bessemer converter

Answer: (B) Cupola

Q3. The elastic stress strain behavior of rubber is

(A) Linear
(B) Nonlinear
(C) Plastic
(D) No fixed relationship

Answer: (B) Nonlinear

Q4. Paramagnetic alpha iron changes to gamma iron at

(A) 770°C
(B) 910°C
(C) 1440°C
(D) 1539°C

Answer: (B) 910°C

Q5. Wrought iron is

(A) Hard
(B) High in strength
(C) Highly resistant to corrosion
(D) Heat treated to change its properties

Answer: (C) Highly resistant to corrosion

Q6. Annealing of white cast iron results in production of

(A) Malleable iron
(B) Nodular iron
(C) Spheroidal iron
(D) Grey iron

Answer: (A) Malleable iron

Q7. Machining properties of steel are improved by adding

(A) Sulphur, lead, phosphorous
(B) Silicon, aluminium, titanium
(C) Vanadium, aluminium
(D) Chromium, nickel

Answer: (A) Sulphur, lead, phosphorous

Q8. The blade of a power saw is made of

(A) Boron steel
(B) High speed steel
(C) Stainless steel
(D) Malleable cast iron

Answer: (B) High speed steel

Q9. Carbon in iron is an example of

(A) Substitutional solution
(B) Interstitial solid solution
(C) Intermetallic compounds
(D) All of the above

Answer: (B) Interstitial solid solution

Q10. The presence of sulphur in pig iron makes

(A) It easily machinable
(B) It brittle
(C) It hard
(D) The casting unsound

Answer: (D) The casting unsound

Q11. Bronze contains

(A) 70% copper and 30% zinc
(B) 90% copper and 10% tin
(C) 85 – 92% copper and rest tin with little lead and nickel
(D) 70 – 75% copper and rest tin

Answer:(B) 90% copper and 10% tin

Q12. Babbitt metal is a

(A) Lead base alloy
(B) Tin base alloy
(C) Copper base alloy
(D) Both (A) and (C) above

Answer: (D) Both (A) and (C) above

Q13. The lower critical point for all steels is

(A) 600°C
(B) 700°C
(C) 723°C
(D) 913°C

Answer: (C) 723°C

Q14. Isotropic materials are those which have the same

(A) Elastic properties in all directions
(B) Stresses induced in all directions
(C) Thermal properties in all directions
(D) Electric and magnetic properties in all directions

Answer: (A) Elastic properties in all directions

Q15. Which of the following statements are true for annealing of steels?

(A) Steels are heated to 500 to 700°C
(B) Cooling is done slowly and steadily
(C) Internal stresses are relieved
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q16. When the steel is normalized, its

(A) Yield point increases
(B) Ductility decreases
(C) Ultimate tensile strength increases
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q17. The alloying element which can replace tungsten in high speed steels is

(A) Nickel
(B) Vanadium
(C) Cobalt
(D) Molybdenum

Answer: (D) Molybdenum

Q18. The hardness of steel depends upon the

(A) Amount of cementite it contains
(B) Amount of carbon it contains
(C) Contents of alloying elements
(D) Method of manufacture of steel

Answer: (A) Amount of cementite it contains

Q19. Inconel is an alloy of

(A) Nickel, chromium and iron
(B) Nickel, copper
(C) Nickel, Chromium
(D) Nickel, zinc

Answer: (A) Nickel, chromium and iron

Q20. Argentite is the principal ore or raw material for

(A) Aluminium
(B) Tin
(C) Zinc
(D) Silver

Answer: (D) Silver

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