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Q1. A cable with a uniformly distributed load per horizontal meter run will take the following shape

(A) Straight line
(B) Parabola
(C) Hyperbola
(D) Elliptical

Answer: (B) Parabola

Q2. A number of forces acting at a point will be in equilibrium, if

(A) All the forces are equally inclined
(B) Sum of all the forces is zero
(C) Sum of resolved parts in the vertical direction is zero (i.e. ∑V = 0)
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Sum of resolved parts in the vertical direction is zero (i.e. ∑V = 0)

Q3. The forces, which meet at one point, but their lines of action do not lie in a plane, are called

(A) Coplanar non-concurrent forces
(B) Non-coplanar concurrent forces
(C) Non-coplanar non-concurrent forces
(D) Intersecting forces

Answer: (B) Non-coplanar concurrent forces

Q4. On the ladder resting on the ground and leaning against a smooth vertical wall, the force of friction will be

(A) Downwards at its upper end
(B) Upwards at its upper end
(C) Perpendicular to the wall at its upper end
(D) Zero at its upper end

Answer: (D) Zero at its upper end

Q5. The velocity of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion is _ at the mean position.

(A) Zero
(B) Minimum
(C) Maximum
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Maximum

Q6. The velocity ratio of a first system of pulleys with 4 pulleys is

(A) 4
(B) 8
(C) 16
(D) 20

Answer: (C) 16

Q7. The C.G. of a plane lamina will not be at its geometrical centre in the case of a

(A) Right angled triangle
(B) Equilateral triangle
(C) Square
(D) Circle

Answer: (A) Right angled triangle

Q8. The algebraic sum of moments of the forces forming couple about any point in their plane is

(A) Equal to the moment of the couple
(B) Constant
(C) Both of above are correct
(D) Both of above are wrong

Answer: (A) Equal to the moment of the couple

Q9. The velocity of a body on reaching the ground from a height h, is

(A) 2.√(gh)
(B) √(gh)
(C) √(2gh)
(D) 2g.√h

Answer: (C) √(2gh)

Q10. The energy possessed by a body, for doing work by virtue of its position, is called

(A) Potential energy
(B) Kinetic energy
(C) Electrical energy
(D) Chemical energy

Answer: (A) Potential energy

Q11. A heavy string attached at two ends at same horizontal level and when central dip is very small approaches the following curve

(A) Circular arc
(B) Parabola
(C) Hyperbola
(D) Elliptical

Answer: (B) Parabola

Q12. When a body falls freely under gravitational force, it possesses __ weight.

(A) No
(B) Minimum
(C) Maximum
(D) None of these

Answer:(A) No

Q13. The weight of a body is due to

(A) Gravitational pull exerted by the earth
(B) Forces experienced by body in atmosphere
(C) Force of attraction experienced by particles
(D) Gravitational force of attraction towards the centre of the earth

Answer: (D) Gravitational force of attraction towards the centre of the earth

Q14. The resultant of two forces P and Q acting at an angle θ is

(A) √(P² + Q² + 2PQ sinθ)
(B) √(P² + Q² + 2PQ cosθ)
(C) √(P² + Q² – 2PQ cosθ)
(D) √(P² + Q² – 2PQ tanθ)

Answer:(B) √(P² + Q² + 2PQ cosθ)

Q15. Which of the following are vector quantities?

(A) Angular displacement
(B) Angular velocity
(C) Angular acceleration
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q16. If rain is falling in the opposite direction of the movement of a pedestrian, he has to hold his umbrella

(A) More inclined when moving
(B) Less inclined when moving
(C) More inclined when standing
(D) Less inclined when standing

Answer: (D) Less inclined when standing

Q17. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

(A) Force
(B) Speed
(C) Velocity
(D) Acceleration

Answer: (B) Speed

Q18. If the masses of both the bodies, as shown in the below figure, are reduced to 50 percent, then tension in the string will be

(A) Same
(B) Half
(C) Double
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Half

Q19. In the lever of third order, load ‘W’, effort ‘P’ and fulcrum ‘F’ are oriented as follows

(A) W between P and F
(B) F between W and P
(C) P between W and F
(D) W, P and F all on one side

Answer: (A) W between P and F

Q20. A framed structure, as shown in the below figure, is a

(A) Perfect frame
(B) Deficient frame
(C) Redundant frame
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) Perfect frame

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