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Q1. A force while acting on a body may

(A) Change its motion
(B) Balance the forces, already acting on it
(C) Give rise to the internal stresses in it
(D) All of these

Answer:(D) All of these

Q2. Moment of inertia of a rectangular section having width (b) and depth (d) about an axis passing through its C.G. and parallel to the depth (d), is

(A) db³/12
(B) bd³/12
(C) db³/36
(D) bd³/36

Answer: (A) db³/12

Q3. Which of the following do not have identical dimensions?

(A) Momentum and impulse
(B) Torque and energy
(C) Torque and work
(D) Moment of a force and angular momentum

Answer: (D) Moment of a force and angular momentum

Q4. Efficiency of a screw jack is given by (where α = Helix angle, and φ = Angle of friction.)

(A) tan(α + φ)/tanα
(B) tanα/tan (α + φ)
(C) tan(α – φ)/tanα
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) tanα/tan (α + φ)

Q5. The velocity ratio of a differential pulley block with D and d as the diameters of larger and smaller pulley, is

(A) D/(D – d)
(B) D/(D + d)
(C) 2D/(D – d)
(D) 2D/(D + d)

Answer:(C) 2D/(D – d)

Q6. The velocity ratio in case of an inclined plane inclined at angle ‘θ’ to the horizontal and weight being pulled up the inclined plane by vertical effort is

(A) sinθ
(B) cosθ
(C) tanθ
(D) cosecθ

Answer: (A) sinθ

Q7. If a body is acted upon by a number of coplanar non-concurrent forces, it may

(A) Rotate about itself without moving
(B) Move in any one direction rotating about itself
(C) Be completely at rest
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q8. Which of the following is not the unit of pressure?

(A) kg/cm
(B) Bar
(C) Atmosphere
(D) Newton

Answer: (D) Newton

Q9. Tension in the cable supporting a lift is more when the lift is moving __ with an acceleration.

(A) Upwards
(B) Downwards
(C) Horizontal
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Upwards

Q10. If tension in the cable supporting a lift moving downwards is half the tension when it is moving upwards, the acceleration of the lift is

(A) g/2
(B) g/3
(C) g/4
(D) None of these

Answer: (D) None of these

Q11. The wheels of a moving car possess

(A) Potential energy only
(B) Kinetic energy of translation only
(C) Kinetic energy of rotation only
(D) Kinetic energy of translation and rotation both

Answer: (D) Kinetic energy of translation and rotation both

Q12. A machine having an efficiency less than 50%, is known as

(A) Reversible machine
(B) Non-reversible machine
(C) Neither reversible nor non-reversible machine
(D) Ideal machine

Answer: (B) Non-reversible machine

Q13. The unit of power in S.I. units is

(A) Horsepower
(B) Joule
(C) Watt
(D) kg-m

Answer: (C) Watt

Q14. In order to determine the effects of a force, acting on a body, we must know

(A) Magnitude of the force
(B) Line of action of the force
(C) Nature of the force i.e. whether the force is push or pull
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q15. The force induced in the string AB due to the load W, as shown in the below figure is

(A) W sinθ
(B) W cosθ
(C) W secθ
(D) W cosecθ

Answer: (D) W cosecθ

Q16. In a screw jack, the effort required to lower the load is __ the effort required to raise the same load.

(A) Less than
(B) Equal to
(C) More than
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Less than

Q17. Forces are called concurrent when their lines of action meet in

(A) One point
(B) Two points
(C) Plane
(D) Perpendicular planes

Answer: (A) One point

Q18. The moment of inertia of a square of side (a) about an axis through its center of gravity is

(A) a4/4
(B) a4/8
(C) a4/12
(D) a4/36

Answer: (C) a4/12

Q19. The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over the surface of the other body, is known as

(A) Static friction
(B) Dynamic friction
(C) Limiting friction
(D) Coefficient of friction

Answer: (C) Limiting friction

Q20. The unit of work in S.I. units is

(A) Newton
(B) erg
(C) kg-m
(D) joule

Answer: (D) joule

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