Estimating and Costing MCQ questions – Set 06

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Q1. The diameter of a domestic sewer pipe laid at gradient 1 in 100 is recommended

(A) 100 mm
(B) 150 mm
(C) 200 mm
(D) 175 mm

Answer: (B) 150 mm

Q2. Pick up the item whose weight is added to the weight of respective item, is

(A) Cleats
(B) Brackets
(C) Bolts
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q3. For 100 sq. m cement concrete (1 : 2: 4) 4 cm thick floor, the quantity of cement required, is

(A) 0.90 m3
(B) 0.94 m3
(C) 0.98 m3
(D) 1.00 m3

Answer: (B) 0.94 m3

Q4. The order of booking dimensions is

(A) Length, breadth, height
(B) Breadth, length, height
(C) Height, breadth, length
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Length, breadth, height

Q5. The expected out turn for earth work in excavation in ordinary soil per workman per day is

(A) 1.00 cum
(B) 2.00 cum
(C) 3.00 cum
(D) 4.00 cum

Answer:(C) 3.00 cum

Q6. Size, capacity and materials need be specified for

(A) Bib-cocks
(B) Stop-cocks
(C) Ball valves
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q7. Pick up the incorrect statement regarding a master trap from the following:

(A) It is provided in between the lower end of the house drain and the street sewer
(B) It is provided a cleaning eye at the top of the trap
(C) The mica flap valve which opens inwards only, is fitted at the top of the inlet pipe
(D) The water seal is less than that of ordinary traps

Answer: (D) The water seal is less than that of ordinary traps

Q8. The expected out turn of brick work in cement mortar in foundation and plinth per mason per day, is

(A) 1.00 m3
(B) 1.25 m3
(C) 1.50 m3
(D) 1.75 m3

Answer: (B) 1.25 m3

Q9. The expected out turn of half brick partition wall per mason per day is

(A) 1.5 m3
(B) 2.0 m3
(C) 4.0 m2
(D) 5.0 m2

Answer: (B) 2.0 m3

Q10. The area of a sloping surface of a protective embankment of mean height‘d’, side slopes S: 1 and length ‘L’ is

(A) d × d × s
(B) √[d2 × (ds)2]
(C) L.D √(1 + s2)
(D) 2 L.D √(1 + s2)

Answer: (C) L.D √(1 + s2)

Q11. The brick work is measured in sq metre, in case of

(A) Honey comb brick work
(B) Brick flat soling
(C) Half brick walls or the partition
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. The floor area includes the area of the balcony up to

(A) 100 %
(B) 75 %
(C) 50 %
(D) 25 %

Answer:(C) 50 %

Q13. The detention period in a septic tank is assumed

(A) 20 minutes
(B) 25 minutes
(C) 30 minutes
(D) 40 minutes

Answer: (C) 30 minutes

Q14. The height of the sink of wash basin above floor level is kept

(A) 60 cm
(B) 70 cm
(C) 75 cm to 80 cm
(D) 80 cm

Answer: (C) 75 cm to 80 cm

Q15. The slope of the outlet of ‘P trap’ below the horizontal is kept

(A) 8°
(B) 10°
(C) 12°
(D) 14°

Answer: (D) 14°

Q16. If B is the width of formation, d is the height of the embankment, side slope S : 1, for a highway with no transverse slope, the area of cross-section is

(A) B + d + Sd
(B) Bd + Sd2
(C) B × d – Sd1/2
(D) ½ (Bd + Sd2)

Answer: (B) Bd + Sd2

Q17. For 12 mm thick cement plastering 1 : 6 on 100 sq.m new brick work, the quantity of cement required, is

(A) 0.200 m3
(B) 0.247 m3
(C) 0.274 m3
(D) 0.295 m3

Answer: (C) 0.274 m3

Q18. The weight of an item is measured correct to nearest

(A) 0.25 kg
(B) 0.50 kg
(C) 0.75 kg
(D) 1.00 kg

Answer: (D) 1.00 kg

Q19. The item of steel work which is measured in sq.m, is

(A) Collapsible gates
(B) Rolling shutters
(C) Ventilators and glazing
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q20. Berms are provided in canals if these are

(A) Fully in excavation
(B) Partly in excavation and partly in embankment
(C) Fully in embankment
(D) All the above

Answer: (C) Constant in time and space

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