GK Questions for Class 6 Questions Answers

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Q1. Who released the ‘Global Peace Index’ in world?

Answer: Institute for Economics and Peace Sydney, Australia.

Q2. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life: Roads to Happiness’ is a book written by whom?

Answer: Ruskin Bond.

Q3. Prithviraj Chauhan was an Indian king from which dynasty?

Answer: Chahamana.

Q4. Which regulatory body focus on the regulation of regional rural banks and apex cooperative banks in India?

Answer: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Q5. UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Elephanta Caves’ is located at where?

Answer: Gharapuri in Mumbai.

Q6. Madurai is famous city in which Indian state?

Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Q7. What is the capital of Sri Lanka?

Answer: Colombo.

Q8. Saturn is the __ planet from the Sun?

Answer: Sixth.

Q9. Physicist ‘Albert Einstein’ was born on which date?

Answer: 14 March 1879 in Germany.

Q10.Slogan ‘tum mujhe khoon do main tumhe azadi dunga’ given by whom?

Answer: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Q11. Indian Railways Founded in which year?

Answer: 8 May 1845.

Q12. Where is the ‘Great Bear Lake’ found in the world?

Answer: Canada.

Q13. Bogibeel Bridge (in the Indian state of Assam) stand over which river?

Answer: Brahmaputra river.

Q14. What is the population of Goa according to year 2012?

Answer: 18.2 Lakhs.

Q15. General Assembly is one of the six principal organs of which organization?

Answer: United Nations.

Q16. In which year the Rabindranath Tagore won the ‘Nobel Prize in Literature’?

Answer: 1913.

Q17. Free books to scheduled caste college students provides in which Indian state?

Answer: Haryana.

Q18. Which is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India?

Answer: The Bharat Ratna Award.

Q19.‘International Day of Human Fraternity’ by United Nations on which date each year?

Answer: February 4.

Q20. ‘United Nations’ is an intergovernmental organization. It was founded on which date?

Answer: 24 October 1945.

Q21.Indian writer ‘Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’ born on which date?

Answer: 27 June 1838.

Q22. Rohtang Pass connects which valleys in the Indian state ‘Himachal Pradesh’?

Answer: Lahaul and Spiti Valleys.

Q23. Which imaginary line almost divides India into two equal parts?

Answer: Tropic of Cancer.

Q24. Where is the ‘Loktak Lake’ in India?

Answer: Manipur State.

Q25.Tokyo is the capital of which country?

Answer: Japan.

Q26. ‘World Cancer Day’ observed on which date each year?

Answer: February 4.

Q27. 1st civilian orbital mission is related to which space agency?

Answer: SpaceX.

Q28. Who is India’s youngest female Pilot?

Answer: Ayesha Aziz (25 years).

Q29. Computer application ‘Google Cloud Platform’ was launched on which date?

Answer: April 7, 2008.

Q30. ‘1857 The Sword of Mastaan’ is a Novel written by whom?

Answer: Vineet Bajpai.

Q31. What is the temperature of a gas depends on?

Answer: On the energy of gas molecules.

Q32. What is the world’s busiest business river?

Answer: Rhine river.

Q33. When was the State Bank of India established?

Answer: On July 1, 1955.

Q34. When was the inauguration of Doordarshan’s international channel?

Answer: On March 14, 1995.

Q35. Where is the Indian Air Force headquarters situated?

Answer: New Delhi.

Q36. Where is the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India?

Answer: Mumbai.

Q37. What is the liquid part of blood?

Answer: Plasma.

Q38. World War I (WW1) ended on which date?

Answer: 11 November 1918.

Q39. How does energy arise in the sun?

Answer: By nuclear fusion.

Q40. ‘Ramcharitmanas’ is composed of whom?

Answer: Tulsidas.

Q41. Where is Junagarh Fort in India?

Answer: Bikaner.

Q42. What is the height of Lotus Temple?

Answer: 34 m.

Q44. When is ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated?

Answer: June 5.

Q45. Which place was India’s first underground nuclear explosion?

Answer: In Pokhran.

Q46. According to 2018, what is the population of India?

Answer: 135.26 Crores.

Q47. Where is the largest reserves of thorium in India?

Answer: Kerala.

Q48. Who is the Chairman of the Fourteenth Finance Commission?

Answer: Dr. Y.V. Reddy.

Q49. Who invented mobile?

Answer: Martin Cooper.

Q50. What is the name of the US President’s place?

Answer: White House.

Q51. When is ‘poor days’ celebrated?

Answer: June 28.

Q52. Where is the Bhojtal Lake in India?

Answer: Russia.

Q53. Who was first captain of India national football team?

Answer: Gostha Pal.

Q54. Who is the Chief Advisor to the governor?

Answer: Chief Minister.

Q55. What type of volcano is Kilimanjaro?

Answer: Dead volcano.

Q56. When was the formation of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?

Answer: April 6, 1980.

Q57. ‘Somnath’ is situated in which state?

Answer: Gujarat.

Q58. Which planet has the highest average density?

Answer: Jupiter.

Q59. ‘United Nations Security Council’ (UNSC) founded on 24 October 1945. Where is headquarter of UNSC?

Answer: New York, United States.

Q60. Where is the headquarter of Indian Boxing Federation in India?

Answer: New Delhi.

Q61. When was the state of Jharkhand formed?

Answer: November 15, 2000.

Q62. What is the biggest bone of the human body?

Answer: Fimar.

Q63. Who was the originator of the Bhakti movement in Punjab?

Answer: Guru Nanak.

Q64. Ghats at Varanasi is located in which state of India?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Q65. What is the fuel used in the rocket?

Answer: Propulsion.

Q66. Who invented the Air Brake?

Answer: George Westinghouse.

Q67. Who did the research of rabies vaccine?

Answer: Louis Pasteur.

Q68.‘Chitrakoot Falls’ is situated in which state?

Answer: Chhattisgarh.

Q69. WWW is stand for what?

Answer: World Wide Web.

Q70. ‘Europa’ is the satellite of which planet?

Answer: Jupiter.

Q71. Which country is the largest area in the world?

Answer: Russia.

Q72. In India, Constituent Assembly was created by whom?

Answer: Cabinet Mission Plan.

Q73. Which ingredient makes bread rise?

Answer: Yeast.

Q74. Humans first lived in which continent of the World?

Answer: Africa.

Q75. Which scientist studies the fossil remains of Prehistoric living things?

Answer: Palaeontologist.

Q76. Ashoka was an Indian emperor of the which Dynasty?

Answer: Maurya Dynasty.

Q77. For deposit, loan and withdraw the money which used from below?

Answer: Bank.

Q78.‘Bhagavad Gita’ is the part of which Indian Epic?

Answer: Epic Mahabharata.

Q79. Which is the tallest grass in the world?

Answer: Bamboo.

Q80.Megasthenes was a historian and explorer belonged to which country?

Answer: Greek.

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