GK Questions for Class 7 Questions Answers

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Q1. ‘Lambda’ is a new variant of which Pandemic?

Answer: Coronavirus.

Q2. ‘French Grand Prix’ is a type of which sports?

Answer: Auto Race.

Q3. The Smallest Planet of our solar system is?

Answer: Mercury.

Q4. “Time 100” is an annual listicle of whom?

Answer: 100 most influential people in the world.

Q5. World War II (WW2) started in which year?

Answer: 1939.

Q6. ‘Lakhwar electricity project’ located at where?

Answer: Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Q7.What is the total area covered by ‘Thar Desert’?

Answer: 200,000 square km.

Q8. On the Earth, north of the equator is known as what?

Answer: Northern Hemisphere.

Q9. Which line divides India and Pakistan into two countries?

Answer: The Radcliffe line.

Q10. Yahoo Search Engine was developed by whom?

Answer: Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Q11. Where is the ‘Manas Wildlife Sanctuary National Park’ in India?

Answer: In Assam.

Q12.Name the India’s first woman Prime Minister?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.

Q13. Laws of Motion was introduced by whom?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton.

Q14. What is the total height of Mount Everest?

Answer: 8,848 meter.

Q15. Where is the headquarter of NOKIA?

Answer: Espoo, Finland.

Q16. Indian Premier League (IPL) matches were started from which year?

Answer: 2008.

Q17. Where is the ‘Tawang District’ in India?

Answer: In Arunachal Pradesh.

Q18. Who is the author of ‘India and Pakistan in War and Peace’?

Answer: J. N. Dixit.

Q19. Microsoft has launched its new India Development Center (IDC) facility in which city of India?

Answer: Noida.

Q20. Vienna is the capital of which country?

Answer: Austria.

Q21. Majuli District is situated in which state of India?

Answer: Assam.

Q22. ‘Salute to Caregivers Ek Naya Nazariya’ for cancer survivors campaign launched by which company in India?

Answer: Bharti AXA General Insurance.

Q23. Delhi is on the banks of which river in India?

Answer: Yamuna.

Q24. Which river is called as the Sorrow of Bengal in India?

Answer: Damodar.

Q25. Into our solar system which is a dwarf planet (previously known as Planet)?

Answer: Pluto.

Q26. When was the National Development Council formed?

Answer: August 6, 1952.

Q27. In the Indo–Pakistani War of 1965 who was president of Pakistan?

Answer: Ayub Khan.

Q28. What is the square root of 361?

Answer: 19.

Q29. What is the most coffee-producing country in the world?

Answer: Brazil.

Q30. In which area is Bhasin Award given?

Answer: In the field of science.

Q31. ‘The Associated Press’ is the news agency of which country?

Answer: United States of America.

Q32. According to the satellite data, forest area of India is _?

Answer: Decreasing.

Q33. Where is the ‘Bharachukki Falls’ in India?

Answer: In Karnataka state.

Q34. How many Islands within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia?

Answer: 17,508.

Q35. Registration of political parties is done by whom?

Answer: By the Election Commission.

Q36. What organic material is used as a lubricant in heavy machines?

Answer: Graphites.

Q37.‘Every blow on my body will prove a nail in the coffin of the British Empire’. Whose statement is this?

Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai.

Q38. Which states are called seven sisters in India?

Answer: States of Eastern India.

Q39. What is the highest award of India in the field of literature?

Answer: Gyanpeeth Award.

Q40. What is the minimum age limit for the presidential election in India?

Answer: 35 years.

Q41. Which is biggest Planet of our solar system?

Answer: Jupiter.

Q42.Beijing is the capital of which country?

Answer: China.

Q43. Where is Hussain Sagar lake in India?

Answer: Telangana.

Q44. What is the Gorilla lifespan?

Answer: 35-40 Years.

Q45. Gandhi Jayanti celebrated on which date in each year?

Answer: 2 October.

Q46. Who changed name of Patliputra to Patna?

Answer: Sher Shah.

Q47.‘Cuckoo’ is the state bird of which state?

Answer: Jharkhand.

Q48. Which magnetic substance is in the center of the earth?

Answer: Nickel.

Q49. Who built the famous cave temple of Ellora?

Answer: Vamasana First.

Q50. The word ‘Deuce’ is related to which game?

Answer: Lawn tennis.

Q51. What was the most important industry of the Gupta Empire?

Answer: Textile industry.

Q52. Where is the OPEC headquarter located?

Answer: In Vienna.

Q53. How many years is the Indian prime minister’s tenure?

Answer: 5 years.

Q54. In which ocean is the Fiji Islands located?

Answer: In the South Pacific Ocean.

Q55. When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti is celebrated?

Answer: On 23rd January.

Q56. How many carats is the most pure gold?

Answer: 24 carats.

Q57. Which mirror is used in a solar cooker?

Answer: Concave mirror.

Q58.Who stopped the Sati Practice with the help of Lord William Bentique?

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Q59.Hampi is an ancient village located at which state of India?

Answer: Karnataka.

Q60.Which body part controls all the functions of the body?

Answer: The brain.

Q61. 73st Constitutional amendment is related to?

Answer: From Panchayati Raj.

Q62. Which state produces the largest coconut in India?

Answer: Kerala.

Q63. According to the Indian Constitution, what is the basis of ‘political power’?

Answer: The people of India.

Q64. Who invented the telescope?

Answer: Galileo.

Q65. ‘Table Tennis Federation of India’ established in which year?

Answer: 1926.

Q66. What is Indian Premier League (IPL) in India?

Answer: Professional Twenty-Twenty Cricket League.

Q67. On which date the South Africa declared independence from Britain?

Answer: May 31, 1961.

Q68. Biggest animal in the world according to the type of Whale?

Answer: Blue Whale.

Q69. No road tax, registration fee on electric vehicles has been announced first by which Indian state?

Answer: Telangana.

Q70. Who said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’?

Answer: Thomas Edison.

Q71. Which is world’s largest coral reef system?

Answer: Great Barrier Reef.

Q72. During seventh century, ‘Maha-mandaleshvara’ was acknowledged as __ by kings?

Answer: Samantas.

Q73. Tripartite Struggle was fought between three kingdoms i.e, Palas, Pratiharas and whom?

Answer: Rashtrakutas.

Q74. The word ‘Environment’ is derived from which latin word which means ‘Neighbourhood’?

Answer: Environer.

Q75. Which day is celebrated each year on 5th June related to the Environment?

Answer: ‘World Environment Day’.

Q76. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall on Earth. It’s located at where?

Answer: Venezuela, South America.

Q77. ‘Midday Meal Scheme’ for crore students in the schools was first introduced in which state of India?

Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Q78. Which country is considered as the healthiest country in the Central America?

Answer: Costa Rica.

Q79. Media is the plural form of which word?

Answer: Medium.

Q80. A laboratory thermometer has temperature range of___?

Answer: 0-100 Degree Celsius.

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