GK Questions For Class 8 Questions Answers

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Q1.National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Pvt Ltd (NHPC Limited) founded on which date?

Answer: 1975.

Q2. Parliament House of Sweden was Inaugurated on which date?

Answer: 11 January 1905.

Q3. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) belongs to which country in Asia?

Answer: India.

Q4. Donald Trump was the _ president of United States of America?

Answer: 45th.

Q5. Aviva India is an Indian company deal in which sector?

Answer: Insurance Sector.

Q6. Which is the largest peninsula in the world?

Answer: Arabian Peninsula.

Q7. Which Pole is known as Antarctica on Earth?

Answer: South Pole.

Q8. Which is the longest river in Peninsular India?

Answer: Godavari.

Q9. In an ice hockey team how many players plays?

Answer: 6.

Q10. ‘Amrut Mahotsav’ belongs to which day in India?

Answer: 75 year of Independence.

Q11. What is the full form of FIFA?

Answer: Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

Q12. What is the height of Eiffel Tower (in Paris)?

Answer: 324 meter.

Q13. Gopal Krishna Gokhle was political teacher of whom?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

Q14. Who is the 44th President of United States of America?

Answer: Barack Obama.

Q15. Who is the author of ‘The Divine Comedy’?

Answer: Dante Alighieri.

Q16. Multinational corporation and technology company ‘Intel Corporation’ belongs to which country?

Answer: United States.

Q17. Mahatma Gandhi ‘Dandi March’ was an example of which type of movement?

Answer: Direct action campaign of tax resistance and nonviolent protest.

Q18. Veterans Day is observed by Indian Arm Forces each year on which date?

Answer: January 14.

Q19. Bengaluru is on top in fastest growing technology center. It is city of which state in India?

Answer: Karnataka.

Q20. First session of the Constituent Assembly was held in which city?

Answer: New Delhi.

Q21. Quora is a website related to which category?

Answer: Question and Answer related Website.

Q22. Google is an Internet Technology Company. When Google was founded?

Answer: 4 September 1998 in United States.

Q23. Which is first electromechanical binary programmable computer?

Answer: Z1.

Q24. First Electric Speedometer was invented by whom?

Answer: Croatian inventor ‘Josip Belušić’.

Q25. On which date the Indian Constitution Assembly formed?

Answer: 6 December 1946.

Q26. To promote and develop the export of telecom equipment and services which organization setup by government of India?

Answer: TEPC (Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council).

Q27. Who is known as ‘Missile Man of India’?

Answer: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (Former President of India).

Q28. The Gadar Party was founded in San francisco in 1913 by whom?

Answer: Har Dayal and Sohan Singh Bhakna.

Q29. British joint-stock company ‘East India Company’ was formed on which date?

Answer: 31 December 1600.

Q30. When the Taj Mahal (in Agra) was build?

Answer: 1632 by Shah Jahan.

Q31. What is the old name of Sri Lanka?

Answer: Ceylon.

Q32. What is called a substance which is made of the same type of atoms?

Answer: Element.

Q33. In which area is the ‘Lescography’ relation?

Answer: By Combining Dictionary.

Q34. When and where is the ‘Sigphos movement’?

Answer: In 1830 in Assam.

Q35. In which state of India the Boat Race is most popular?

Answer: Kerala.

Q36. Which is the smallest country in the world in terms of population?

Answer: Vatican City.

Q37. Where is the Rajasthan High Court situated?

Answer: Jodhpur.

Q38. In India the establishment of ‘Union Public Service Commission’ is described in which article?

Answer: Article 315.

Q39. Where is the headquarters of National Commission for Agriculture?

Answer: New Delhi.

Q40. Whose example is the Himalaya mountain range?

Answer: Fold mountains.

Q41. Which is the most iron producing state of India?

Answer: Odisha.

Q42. Which was the first weekly newspaper of Hindi language?

Answer: Udant Martand.

Q43. Who is the second female astronaut of Indian origin?

Answer: Sunita Williams.

Q44. When is Sri Lanka’s Independence Day celebrated?

Answer: February 4.

Q45.On which island did Napoleon spend his last day?

Answer: Saint Helena Island.

Q46. Where is sopani agriculture?

Answer: On the slopes of mountains.

Q47. What is the functional unit of kidney?

Answer: Nephron.

Q48. Which emperor is the Aihole inscription?

Answer: Pulakeshin || .

Q49. Juno Mission of NASA is for which planet?

Answer: Jupiter.

Q50. Who produces malaria?

Answer: Protozoa.

Q51. Which energy can bring energy accumulated under the surface of the Earth, what is it called?

Answer: Geothermal energy.

Q52. ‘Olympus Mons’ is shield volcano located on which planet?

Answer: The Mars.

Q53. Who started Kesari Newspaper?

Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Q54. Who defines the constitution?

Answer: Judiciary.

Q55. Who invented the cooler?

Answer: Richard C. Laramy.

Q56.In an hockey team how many players plays?

Answer: 11.

Q57. When the ‘Kargil War’ between Pakistan and India took place?

Answer: Between May and July 1999.

Q58. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. Which organization hosted it?

Answer: Wikimedia Foundation.

Q59. How many players plays in a volleyball team?

Answer: 6.

Q60. Agartala is the capital of which Indian state?

Answer: Tripura.

Q61. What is the fuse wire made of?

Answer: From alloy of tin and lead.

Q62. In which inscription of Ashoka is the description of the Kalinga war?

Answer: XIII inscription.

Q63. Who gave the rule of motion of the planets?

Answer: Kepler.

Q64. Our Solar System is located in which galaxy?

Answer: The Milky Way.

Q65. What is the total Population of India according to UN?

Answer: 1,366,177,505 (till April 30, 2019 by United Nations estimates).

Q66. What is the provision of the constitution of the Supreme Court?

Answer: In paragraph 124.

Q67. Novel Corona Virus started from which country in 2019?

Answer: China.

Q68. Financial services company ‘State Bank of India’ headquarter is located at where?

Answer: Mumbai.

Q69. Who founded the Tata Group in India?

Answer: Jamsetji Tata.

Q70. Who is the Minister of Defence (India) since May 31, 2019?

Answer: Shri Rajnath Singh.

Q71. Who was the chief guest of India’s Republic Day Parade 2021?

Answer: None.

Q72.‘British East India Company’ was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I on which date?

Answer: December 31, 1600 AD.

Q73. New Enfield Rifle with the Greased Cartridges were introduced in the British Indian Army in which year?

Answer: January 1857.

Q74. Which resource is below comes under non-renewable resource on the Earth?

Answer: Natural Gas.

Q75.Land covers how much of the Earth’s surface?

Answer: 29%.

Q76. Which country produce highest amount of the Rice in world?

Answer: China.

Q77. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) which is now known as Tata Steel Ltd was started on which date?

Answer: 25 August 1907.

Q78. Constituent Assembly demand was made by Indian National Congress in which year?

Answer: 1934.

Q79.Article 300 A of Indian Constitution provides which fundamental rights to the citizens of India?

Answer: Right to Property.

Q80.Which is the Supreme Law Making Institution in the India?

Answer: Parliament of India.

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