GK Questions for Class 9 Questions Answers

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Q1. ‘Runway to a Billion Opportunities’ is the theme of which day?

Answer: Aero India-21.

Q2. Indian politician ‘Arjun Munda’ served as Chief Minister of which Indian State?

Answer: Jharkhand.

Q3. When Olympics games was started first?

Answer: 6 April 1896.

Q4. Which space exploration company send world’s first all-civilian crew into the Earth orbit?

Answer: SpaceX.

Q5. World Book Day started in 1995 by which organization?

Answer: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Q6. Indian Army Day celebrated each year on which date?

Answer: January 15.

Q7.World’s first universal bulletproof jacket ‘Shakti’ developed by whom?

Answer: Indian Army officer Anoop Mishra.

Q8. What is the original language of Mahabharata?

Answer: Sanskrit.

Q9. Nanjing is the city in which country?

Answer: China.

Q10. NSE (National Stock Exchange) is Stock exchange in India. Where is NSE located?

Answer: Mumbai.

Q11. Nalanda University became famous in which period?

Answer: Post Gupta Era.

Q12. In which Indian State a girl name Srishti Goswami, became CM of the State for one day?

Answer: Uttarakhand State on 24 January 2021.

Q13.University of Oxford is located at where?

Answer: United Kingdom.

Q14. How the Judges of the Supreme Court can be removed from office in India?

Answer: President on request of Parliament.

Q15. Which railway station is largest number of platforms in Indian railways?

Answer: Howrah Junction Railway Station (23 platforms).

Q16. Home electronics company ‘Xiaomi Corporation’ belongs to which country?

Answer: China.

Q17. Honda Motor Company, Ltd. belongs to which country?

Answer: Japan.

Q18. World Migration Report released by whom?

Answer: International Organization for Migration.

Q19. To combat the increasing desertification, which initiative launched by African Union?

Answer: Great Green Wall.

Q20. Who has rendered the modern periodic table?

Answer: Mosley.

Q21.‘Wealth of Nations’ is the book written by whom?

Answer: Adam Smith.

Q22.‘Dandi March’ was launched by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on which date?

Answer: 12 March 1930 to 6 April 1930.

Q23. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Vallabhbhai Patel.

Q24. Uttar Pradesh shares borders with how many states in India?

Answer: Nine states.

Q25.Name the Indian Political leader was regarded by Gandhiji as his political Guru?

Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

Q26. What is the total height of Lotus Temple in Delhi?

Answer: 34.27 metres (112.4 ft).

Q27. Wha is ‘Jan-Gana-Mana’ original composed language?

Answer: Bengali.

Q28. Pyongyang is the capital of which country?

Answer: North Korea.

Q29. Who was the architect of Connaught Place in New Delhi?

Answer: Robert Tor Russell.

Q30. Which States have highest number of Wild Elephants in India?

Answer: Kerala.

Q31. Which part of the Constitution is called ‘Magna Carta of India’?

Answer: Part-3.

Q32. Which year was the ‘National Water Development Agency’ established?

Answer: In 1982.

Q33.What causes the nail and the screw to hold the object?

Answer: Due to friction.

Q34. When is ‘National mourning day of Bangladesh’ celebrated?

Answer: On August 15th.

Q35. Who called Samudragupta ‘The Napoleon of India’?

Answer: V.A. Smith.

Q36. Which planet of the Solar System is closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury.

Q37. Which In space which is called as ‘earth son’?

Answer: Moon.

Q38. The ‘New Bank of India’ has been merged with which bank?

Answer: Punjab National Bank.

Q39. What is the Lashkar-e-Tayyiba?

Answer: Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO).

Q40. Who directs the name of the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament?

Answer: Lok Sabha Speaker.

Q41. Where is Chilika Lake in India?

Answer: Odisha.

Q42. India won Cricket World Cup how many times?

Answer: 2 Times (1983 and 2011).

Q43.Reversed monsoon receives humidity from where area?

Answer: From the Bay of Bengal.

Q44. Who was the US President during World War II?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson.

Q45. What is sodium bicarbonate salt?

Answer: Acidic salts.

Q46.American multinational technology company ‘Microsoft’ Founded in which year?

Answer: 1975 (April 4).

Q47. Which was the Worst Year on Record according to the United Nations?

Answer: 2020.

Q48. Who was the president of India between 25 July 1997 to 25 July 2002?

Answer: Kocheril Raman Narayanan.

Q49. When is ‘International Mother Language Day’ celebrated?

Answer: February 21st.

Q50. Who was the longest President of India?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Q51. What was the main reason for Portugal’s business interest in India?

Answer: Trade of Hot Spices.

Q52. When was the Ganges declared a national river?

Answer: November 4, 2008.

Q53.What was the plan under which India was partitioned?

Answer: Under the Mountbatten Planning.

Q54. What is the oldest industry in India?

Answer: Cotton Textile Industry.

Q55. Who was the first recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke award posthumously?

Answer: Prithviraj Kapoor.

Q56. How many districts in Delhi?

Answer: 11.

Q57. Keyboard is which type of device in a computer system?

Answer: Input Device.

Q58. Where is the headquarters of Samsung?

Answer: Seoul, South Korea.

Q59.When is the ‘Statehood Day’ of Arunachal Pradesh celebrated?

Answer: February 20.

Q60. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner in India?

Answer: The President.

Q61.What was the original name of Dayanand Saraswati?

Answer: Moolshankar.

Q62. What is the Earth’s galaxy called?

Answer: Mandakini.

Q63. Who is the supreme commander of India?

Answer: The President.

Q64.Which institution gives the ‘David Cohan Award’?

Answer: British Art Council.

Q65. Which woman was the first woman governor of a state in independent India?

Answer: Mrs Sarojini Naidu.

Q66. The ‘Security Cell Policy’ is related to which Governor General?

Answer: Warren Hastings.

Q67. Country ‘Kingdom of Denmark’ is located in which Continent?

Answer: In Europe.

Q68. Nissan is an automobile manufacturer company belongs to which country?

Answer: Japan.

Q69. Who was the founder of ‘Hindustan Mazdoor Sabha’?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Q70. Who can dissolve the Legislative Assembly of the State?

Answer: The Governor.

Q71. India’s first indigenously developed driverless metro car was unveiled by whom?

Answer: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Q72. ‘Russian Social Democratic Workers Party’ was founded at founded in Minsk, Belarus in which year?

Answer: 1898.

Q73. Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united to form Tanzania in which year?

Answer: 1964.

Q74. What is the total length of India’s coastline?

Answer: 7,516.6 Km.

Q75. Indus River originate from which glacier in Tibetan region?

Answer: Glacier near Bokhar Chu.

Q76. President of the United States of America has a fixed tenure of how many years?

Answer: 4 years.

Q77. To increased agricultural production worldwide which revolution was introduced between 1950-1960?

Answer: Green Revolution.

Q78. What is the correct expansion of FCI from below?

Answer: Food Corporation of India.

Q79. ‘Newton’s Law of Motion’ was first introduced in which year?

Answer: In 1687.

Q80. In India, Farmers are paid MSP (Minimum Support Price) which is a pre-announced price for there crops by whom?

Answer: Government.

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