Himachal Pradesh GK Questions SET-4

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Q1.What was the ancient name of Baijnath?

[A] Mahasu
[B] Nahan
[C] Lokgram
[D] Kirigram

Correct Answer: D [ Kirigram ]

Q2.Which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh is known as “Chhota Kashi”?

[A] Mandi
[B] Shimla
[C] Kullu
[D] Hamirpur

Correct Answer: A [Mandi]

Q3.Which of the following is the largest district (area wise) of Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Lahaul and Spiti
[B] Shimla
[C] Sirmaur
[D] Chamba

Correct Answer: A [ Lahaul and Spiti ]

Q4.Which district has the lowest sex-ratio in Himachal Pradesh as per the Census 2011?

[A] Lahaul Spiti
[B] Una
[C] Bilaspur
[D] Kinnaur

Correct Answer: D [ Kinnaur ]

Q5.The water of Kareri Lake in Dharamshala falls into which of the following rivers?

[A] Chakki
[B] Layun
[C] Chandra
[D] Bhaga

Correct Answer: B [ Layun ]

Q6.In which district is Gauri Devi ka Tibba peak located?

[A] Kullu
[B] Chamba
[C] Kangra
[D] Kinnaur

Correct Answer: B [ Chamba ]

Q7.In which place in Himachal Pradesh is Lavi Fair celebrated?

[A] Rampur (Shimla)
[B] Baijnath (Kangra)
[C] Chail (Solan)
[D] Mandi

Correct Answer: A [ Rampur (Shimla) ]

Q8.Raja Kaheri Singh was the ruler of which state?

[A] Kullu
[B] Rampur Bushahr
[C] Kangra
[D] Chamba

Correct Answer: B [ Rampur Bushahr ]

Q9.Who was the political guru of Y S Parmar?

[A] Kanshi Ram
[B] Bhagmal Sautha
[C] Chaudhary Sher Jung
[D] Ram Lal

Correct Answer: C [ Chaudhary Sher Jung ]

Q10.Central Potato Research Institute is located at which place?

[A] Dharamshala
[B] Chail
[C] Bemloe
[D] Manali

Correct Answer: C [ Bemloe ]

Q11.Bhadal merges with which of the following rivers to form Ravi river in Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Tant-giri
[B] Bhaga
[C] Miyar Nullah
[D] Sansari Nala

Correct Answer: A [ Tant-giri ]

Q12.Who was the founder of Suket state?

[A] Ban Sen
[B] Vir Sen
[C] Ajbar Sen
[D] Tan Sen

Correct Answer: B [ Vir Sen ]

Q13.Where did the All India State people’s conference in 1938 take place?

[A] Shimla
[B] Delhi
[C] Ludhiana
[D] Lahore

Correct Answer: C [ Ludhiana ]

Q14.The headquarter of Kangra district is at?

[A] Dharamshala
[B] Palampur
[C] Nurpur
[D] Baijnath

Correct Answer: A [ Dharamshala ]

Q15.Who was the first Governor General of India to visit Shimla?

[A] Lord Ripon
[B] Lord Mayo
[C] Lord Lytton
[D] Lord Amherst

Correct Answer: D [ Lord Amherst ]

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