Himachal Pradesh GK Questions SET-7

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Q1.In which of the following places river Beas is formed?

[A] Birbal
[B] Sujanpur
[C] Palachan
[D] Sandhol

Correct Answer: C [ Palachan ]

Q2.Which minister in Akbar’s administration worked out permanent settlement system in1573 A.D?

[A] Birbal
[B] Todarmal
[C] Man Singh
[D] None

Correct Answer: B [ Todarmal ]

Q3.Which is the only sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh reporting the presence of Kashmir Stag?

[A] Govind Sagar Sanctuary
[B] Gamgul Siahbehi Sanctuary
[C] Kalatope Khajjiar Sanctuary
[D] Kanawar Sanctuary

Correct Answer: B [ Gamgul Siahbehi Sanctuary ]

Q4.Chandra and Bhagha river meet at which place to form the Chenab river?

[A] Tandi
[B] Kaza
[C] Keylong
[D] Manali

Correct Answer: A [ Tandi ]

Q5.At which of the following places Rabindra Nath Tagore spent few months in Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Rampur
[B] Una
[C] Nalagarh
[D] Dalhousie

Correct Answer: D [ Dalhousie ]

Q6.Which of the following is not a tributary of River Beas?

[A] Luni
[B] Sainj
[C] Awa
[D] Nogli Khad

Correct Answer: D [ Nogli Khad ]

Q7.Which of the following rulers had to leave his son as a hostage at Akbar’s court?

[A] Jagat Singh
[B] Chattar Singh
[C] Bidhi Chand
[D] Sawai Man singh

Correct Answer: C [ Bidhi Chand ]

Q8.Which of the following is the smallest wildllife sanctuary in Himachal pradesh?

[A] Talra
[B] Shilli
[C] Shikari Devi
[D] Tirthan

Correct Answer: B [ Shilli ]

Q9.Central Potato Research Institute is located at which place?

[A] Dharamshala
[B] Chail
[C] Bemloe
[D] Manali

Correct Answer: C [ Bemloe ]

Q10.Kala Top Wild life sanctuary is located in which

[A] Mandi
[B] Lahaul
[C] Una
[D] Chamba

Correct Answer: D [ Chamba ]

Q11.Which among the following place in Himachal Pradesh is called as “Mini Switzerland”?

[A] Dharmashala
[B] Kharjiar
[C] Solan
[D] Kasauli

Correct Answer: B [Kharjiar]

Q12.Who among the following discovered Shimla in 1819?

[A] Lt. Rose
[B] Major Keneddy
[C] John Lawrence
[D] Lord Amherst

Correct Answer: A [ Lt. Rose ]

Q13.People of which of the following states revolted against the policies of Wazir Gulam Qadir?

[A] Bilaspur
[B] Kangra
[C] Chamba
[D] Hundur

Correct Answer: D [ Hundur ]

Q14.What is the sex-ratio of Himachal Pradesh as per the Census 2011?

[A] 970
[B] 968
[C] 972
[D] 976

Correct Answer: C [ 972 ]

Q15.Who was the founder of Jaswan state of Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Purab Chand
[B] Bidhi Chand
[C] Raj Rup
[D] Sansar Chand

Correct Answer: A [ Purab Chand ]

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