Indian Economy GK Question SET-7

Q1.In which country Chernobyl city is located?

[A] Japan
[B] Poland
[C] Ukraine
[D] Moldova

Correct Answer: C [Ukraine]

Q2.What is the maximum employees in a small business in China?

[A] 200
[B] 300
[C] 250
[D] 175

Correct Answer: B [300]

Q3.What is the share of Industry in GDP?

[A] 27%
[B] 16%
[C] 35%
[D] 50%

Correct Answer: A [27%]

Q4.The Great Lakes form an important area of inland water transport in which among the following regions?

[A] South America
[B] Europe
[C] Asia
[D] North America

Correct Answer: D [North America ]

Q5.Which is Asia’s largest cloverleaf flyover?

[A] Kathipara Cloverleaf
[B] Bardarpur Cloverleaf
[C] Yamuna Cloverleaf
[D] BMIC Cloverleaf

Correct Answer: A [Kathipara Cloverleaf]

Q6.In which year Department of Atomic Energy was set up?

[A] 1955
[B] 1954
[C] 1957
[D] 1958

Correct Answer: B [1954]

Q7.What is the use of the Index of Industrial production?

[A] Measure the change demand
[B] Measure the physical volume of production
[C] Measure the inflation
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: B [Measure the physical volume of production]

Q8.What is the percentage of GDP spending on the Research and Development of GDP by India?

[A] 1.2%
[B] 0.7%
[C] 1.4%
[D] 2.1%

Correct Answer: B [0.7%]

Q9.Which is India’s first airport to be built under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model?

[A] Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
[B] Cochin International Airport
[C] Kempegowda International Airport
[D] Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Correct Answer: [D] [Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport ]

Q10.Who among the following is the founder of BARC?

[A] Satish Dhawan
[B] Vikram Sarabhai
[C] Homi Jehangir Bhabha
[D] C.V.Raman

Correct Answer: C [Homi Jehangir Bhabha]

Q11.Which is the largest cement producing state in India?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Karnataka
[D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer: A [Madhya Pradesh]

Q12.What is the minimum turnover for a company to be under Trade Receivables e-Discounting system(TReDS)?

[A] 100 crores
[B] 500 crores
[C] 1000 crores
[D] 150 crores

Correct Answer: B [500 crores]

Q13.What is the percentage spending of Higher Educational Institutions on R&D out of the total R&D Expenditure?

[A] 5.4%
[B] 6.8%
[C] 9.45%
[D] 3.4%

Correct Answer: B [6.8%]

Q14.Which of the following is a “Public Good”?

[A] A Commodity that is popular among general public
[B] A scheme that benefits the poor
[C] A commodity that is produced by Government
[D] A Commodity whose benefits are indivisibly spread among the entire community

Correct Answer: D [A Commodity whose benefits are indivisibly spread among the entire community]

Q15.Which among the following is best suited be used in a Fast Breeder Reactor?
[A] Thorium
[B] Uranium
[C] Plutonium
[D] None

Correct Answer: A [Thorium]

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