Madhya Pradesh GK Questions SET-2

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Q1.Which district of Madhya Pradesh is said to be the birth place of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Forces)?

[A] Neemuch
[B] Morena
[C] Bhopal
[D] Sagar

Correct Answer: A [Neemuch]

Q2.‘Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Shahdol
[B] Khandwa
[C] Burhanpur
[D] Rewa

Correct Answer: B [Khandwa]

Q3.‘Sardarpur wildlife sanctuary’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Ratlam
[B] Dhar
[C] Jhabua
[D] Shivpuri

Correct Answer: B [Dhar]

Q4.‘Hinglajgarh fort’ is situated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Burhanpur
[B] Mandsaur
[C] Chhatarpur
[D] Tikamgarh

Correct Answer: B [Mandsaur ]

Q5.Which of the following is not a division in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Ujjain
[B] Indore
[C] Jabalpur
[D] Chhindwara

Correct Answer: D [Chhindwara]

Q6.Which tribe of Madhya Pradesh has a marriage custom called “Doodh Lautawa”?

[A] Bhil
[B] Gondwa
[C] Sahariya
[D] Baiga

Correct Answer: B [Gondwa]

Q7.‘Dada Dhuniwale Thermal Power Plant’ is projected in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Khandwa
[B] Shahdol
[C] Chhindwara
[D] Singrauli

Correct Answer: A [Khandwa ]

Q8.Which rank is hold by Madhya Pradesh in terms of area in the country?

[A] 2nd
[B] 3rd
[C] 4th
[D] 5th

Correct Answer: A [2nd]

Q9.Which of the following region of Madhya Pradesh comprises the Gondwana Region?

[A] South west M.P
[B] South east M.P
[C] North West M.P
[D] South west M.P

Correct Answer: D [South west M.P ]

Q10.Which of the following district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for Gotmar Mela?

[A] Balaghat
[B] Seoni
[C] Chhindwara
[D] Khandwa

Correct Answer: C [Chhindwara ]

Q11.Which of the following river of Madhya Pradesh is not the Tributary of Yamuna River?

[A] Ken
[B] Betwa
[C] Chambal
[D] Tawa

Correct Answer: D [Tawa]

Q12.Which district of Madhya Pradesh is said to produce ‘asbestos’?

[A] Dhar
[B] Jhabua
[C] Mandsaur
[D] Katni

Correct Answer: B [Jhabua ]

Q13.Who among the following have not sworn in as chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh more than once?

[A] Bhagwantrao Mandloi
[B] Shyama Charan Shukla
[C] Motilal Vora
[D] Uma Bharti

Correct Answer: D [Uma Bharti ]

Q14.Mausoleum of ‘Mian Tansen’ is situated in which palce of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Gwalior
[B] Bhopal
[C] Jabalpur
[D] Kandwa

Correct Answer: A [Gwalior ]

Q15.How many Jyotirlinga are present in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Correct Answer: B [2]

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