Madhya Pradesh GK Questions SET-3

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Q1.Identify the dance form of Madhya Pradesh from given Information
Important folk dance of the Gwalior district.

Starting from Diwali, the dance is performed till the day of ‘Karthik Purnima.
The performers are clad in dhotis and accessorized with peacock feathers.
Musical instruments like dholak, jhanz, manjira, mridang and daphli imparts the tribal beats.
It is also called Yadav Dance of Bundelkhand.
[A] Baredi
[B] Jawara
[C] Lehangi
[D] Ahiri Dance

Correct Answer: A [Baredi ]

Q2.Which of the following product of Madhya Pradesh do not has a geographical Indication status?

[A] Chanderi Fabric
[B] Bell Metal Ware of Datia and Tikamgarh
[C] Maheshwar Sarees & Fabrics
[D] Ratlami sev

Correct Answer: D [Ratlami sev ]

Q3.Which district of Madhya Pradesh has the highest Literacy percentage as per census 2011?

[A] Bhopal
[B] Jabalpur
[C] Gwalior
[D] Indore

Correct Answer: B [Jabalpur ]

Q4.First one day international double century was scored by ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ on which ground of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Captain Roop Singh Stadium
[B] Nehru Stadium
[C] Holkar Cricket Stadium
[D] Gwalior International Cricket Stadium

Correct Answer: A [Captain Roop Singh Stadium ]

Q5.The Lakshmi Bai National Institute of Physical Education’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Gwalior
[B] Indore
[C] Jabalpur
[D] Bhopal

Correct Answer: A [Gwalior]

Q6.Which among the following national park is not present in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Madhav National park
[B] Satpura national park
[C] Pench national park
[D] Valmiki national park

Correct Answer: D [Valmiki national park ]

Q7.Which rank is hold by Madhya Pradesh in terms of population in the country?

[A] 3rd
[B] 4th
[C] 5th
[D] 6th

Correct Answer: C [5th]

Q8.Currency Note Press (CNP), of SPMCIL is located at which place in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Hoshangabad
[B] Dewas
[C] Nepanagar
[D] Indore

Correct Answer: B [Dewas]

Q9.Amjad Ali Khan a famous personality from Madhya Pradesh is associated with which of the following?

[A] Sarod player
[B] Sitar player
[C] Tabla palyer
[D] Veena player

Correct Answer: A [Sarod player ]

Q10.Which of the following district of Madhya Pradesh do not borders with Rajasthan?

[A] Guna
[B] Neemuch
[C] Alirajpur
[D] Mandsaur

Correct Answer: C [Alirajpur ]

Q11.Which type of Soil has largest area concentrated under it in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Black soil
[B] Red-Yellow soil
[C] Laterite soil
[D] Alluvial soil

Correct Answer: A [Black soil ]

Q12.How many times ‘President Rule’ has been imposed in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Correct Answer: C [3]

Q13.Which district has the largest population in Madhya Pradesh as per census 2011?

[A] Indore
[B] Bhopal
[C] Gwalior
[D] Jabalpur

Correct Answer: A [Indore]

Q14.‘Alha folk song’ is sung in which region of Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Bundelkhand
[B] Baghelkhand
[C] Malwa
[D] Nimar

Correct Answer: A [Bundelkhand ]

Q15.Which state share longest border with Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Chhatishgarh
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Maharashtra
[D] Rajasthan

Correct Answer: B [Uttar Pradesh ]

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