MCQ for Highway Engineering – Set 12

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Q1. The statement, regarding the size of stones used at the wearing surface. “The size of a stone used on a road must be in due proportion to the space occupied by a wheel of ordinary dimensions on a smooth level surface. The point of contact will be found to be longitudinal about 2.5 cm and every piece of stone put into the road which exceeds 2.5 cm in any of its dimension is mischievous” was made by

(A) Telford
(B) Macadam
(C) Tresguet
(D) Sully

Answer: (B) Macadam

Q2. If the width of carriage way is 12.5 meters, outer edge 50 cm higher than the inner edge, the required super elevation is

(A) 50 cm
(B) 1 in 25
(C) 1 in 400
(D) 1 in 40

Answer: (B) 1 in 25

Q3. The maximum distance of the apex of a vertical curve of length L from the point of intersection of two grades + g1%, and – g2% (g1 > g2), is

(A) L(g1 – g2)/400
(B) L(g1 – g2)/800
(C) L(g1 + g2)/800
(D) L(g2 – g1)/300

Answer: (C) L(g1 + g2)/800

Q4. Bitumen of grade 80/100 means

(A) Its penetration value is 8 mm
(B) Its penetration value is 10 mm
(C) Its penetration value is 8 to 10 mm
(D) Its penetration value is 8 to 10 cm

Answer:(C) Its penetration value is 8 to 10 mm

Q5. If N is the net difference of grades, S is the minimum overtaken sight distance in meters, the length (L) of a summit curve, is

(A) NS/4
(B) NS2/4
(C) NS2/4.8
(D) NS2/9.6

Answer: (D) NS2/9.6

Q6. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. On highways circular curves may be

(A) Simple curves
(B) Compound curves
(C) Reverse curves
(D) Vertical curves

Answer: (D) Vertical curves

Q7. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Safety fences are provided on either side of a roadway if embankments are in excess of 6 meters
(B) Safety fences are provided on outside of the curves of radii less than 750 m if the embankments are between 3 meters and 6 meters
(C) Guard stones are provided at 2.5 meters intervals if embankments are between 1.6 meters to 3 meters
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q8. Super-elevation on roads in snow bound areas, should generally not exceed

(A) 15 %
(B) 12 %
(C) 10 %
(D) 7 %

Answer: (D) 7 %

Q9. The desirable camber for straight roads with thin bituminous surfacing, is

(A) 1 in 33 to 1 in 25
(B) 1 in 40 to 1 in 33
(C) 1 in 150 to 1 in 140
(D) 1 in 160 to 1 in 140

Answer: (C) 1 in 150 to 1 in 140

Q10. I.R.T.D.A. (Indian Roads and Transport Development Association) was set up at Bombay in

(A) 1907
(B) 1917
(C) 1027
(D) 1937

Answer:(C) 1027

Q11. Passing zones are generally not provided on

(A) Summit curves
(B) Horizontal curves
(C) Two lane highways
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. If brakes of vehicles are effective, the vehicle-running at 30 km/hour comes to a stop in

(A) 10 meters
(B) 12 meters
(C) 15 meters
(D) 18 meters

Answer: (B) 12 meters

Q13. The maximum spacing of contraction joints in rigid pavements is

(A) 2.5 m
(B) 3.5 m
(C) 4.5 m
(D) 5.5 m

Answer: (C) 4.5 m

Q14. In a braking test, a vehicle traveling at 36 km ph was stopped at a braking distance of 8.0 m. The average value of the vehicle’s skid resistance (friction coefficient) is

(A) 0.64
(B) 6.25
(C) 0.16
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) 0.16

Q15. From the point of tangency before an intersection, the route markers are fixed at a distance of

(A) 15 m to 30 m
(B) 20 m to 35 m
(C) 40 m to 50 m
(D) 100 m to 150 m

Answer: (D) 100 m to 150 m

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