Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Chapter 10 बड़े भाई साहब MCQ with Answers

Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Chapter 10 बड़े भाई साहब with Answers Pdf free download. MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. We have provided बड़े भाई साहब Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept very well.

Q1. बड़े भाई साहिब दिमाग को आराम देने के लिए क्या करते थे ?

(a) कॉपी और किताब के हाशिओं पर कुत्तों और बिल्लिओं की तस्वीर बनाते थे
(b) एक ही शब्द को बार बार लिखते थे
(c) बिना अर्थ के शब्द लिखते थे
(d) सभी

(d) सभी

Q2. लेखक की अपने बारे में क्या धारणा बन गई थी ?

(a) वह बिना पढ़े भी प्रथम आएगा
(b) कि वह फेल हो जायेगा
(c) कि वह नहीं पढ़ सकता
(d) कोई नहीं

(a) वह बिना पढ़े भी प्रथम आएगा

Q3. लेखक को भाई साहिब की बातें अच्छी क्यों नहीं लगती थी ?

(a) क्योकि लेखक अव्वल दर्जे में पास हुआ था
(b) भाई साहिब फेल हो गए थे
(c) भाई साहिब उपदेश देते थे
(d) सभी

(d) सभी

Q4. लेखक के दिल के टुकडे किस बात पर हो जाते थे ?

(a) पतंग कटने से
(b) खेल में हार जाने से
(c) फेल होने होने से
(d) भाई साहिब के उपदेश सुनने से

(d) भाई साहिब के उपदेश सुनने से

Q5. भाई सहिब किस कला मे निपुण थे ?

(a) खेलो मे
(b) पढने मे
(c) कन्चे खेलने मे
(d) पतङ्ग उडाने की कला मे

(d) पतङ्ग उडाने की कला मे

Q6. लेखक को कौन सा नया शौक पैदा हो गया था ?

(a) कंचे खेलने का
(b) किताबे पढ़ने का
(c) पतंग उड़ाने का
(d) सभी

(c) पतंग उड़ाने का

Q7. भू मंडल का स्वामी कौन था ?

(a) बड़े भाई साहिब
(b) पिता जी
(c) रावण
(d) कोई नहीं

(c) रावण

Q8. लेखक को मूर्ख रहना क्यो पसंद है ?

(a) क्योकि वह मेहनत नही करना चाहता
(b) पढना उसके वश मे नही था
(c) भाई सहिब के उपदेश सुनना पसंद नही था
(d) सभी

(d) सभी

Q9. लेखक का मन किस काम मे नही लगता था ?

(a) पढने मे
(b) खेलने मे
(c) दोस्तो के साथ
(d) काम में

(a) पढने मे

Q10. लेखक के भाई साहिब उस से कितने साल बड़े थे ?

(a) ३ साल
(b) ५ साल
(c) ६ साल
(d) आठ साल

(b) ५ साल

Q11. प्रेम जी ने लगभग कितनी कहानियां लिखी ?

(a) 200
(b) 300
(c) 400
(d) लगभग 100

(c) 400

Q12. प्रेम जी ने किस वर्ग को विस्तारपूर्वक वर्णित किया है ?

(a) शोषक एवं शोषित
(b) फ़िल्मी वर्ग को
(c) आम जनता को
(d) सभी

(a) शोषक एवं शोषित

Q13. प्रेम जी का शरीर जर्जर क्यो हो गया ?

(a) निरन्तर विकट परिस्तिथियो का सामना करने के कारण
(b) पानी के कारण
(c) आर्थिक तन्गी के कारण
(d) सभी

(a) निरन्तर विकट परिस्तिथियो का सामना करने के कारण

Q14. बड़े भाई साहब लेखक से कितने साल बड़े थे?

(a) तीन साल
(b) चार साल
(c) पांच साल
(d) छ साल

(c) पांच साल

Q15. बड़े भाई साहिब के अनुसार जीवन की समझ कैसे आती है ?

(a) अनुभव से
(b) धक्के खाकर
(c) पढ़ने से
(d) सभी

(a) अनुभव से

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh with Answers

Get Chapter Wise MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh with Answers Bhag 2 PDF Free Download prepared here according to the latest CBSE syllabus and NCERT curriculum. Students can practice CBSE Class 10 Hindi स्पर्श MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to score good marks in the examination.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh

You will get MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Free PDF Download which will put you to an advantage over the other classmates and enable you to work on the weak areas. With the help of the given MCQ Questions for Class 10, you can effectively prioritize the topics for easier understanding. You will learn about the different types of questions that can be formed from a particular concept. It will be knowing your syllabus fully and managing time which create payed a significant role in every student’s preparation. This textbook is a part of MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Course B which will help you in shaping positive attitude towards your preparation.

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Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions with Answers

Practicing these CBSE NCERT Objective MCQ Questions of Class 10 Hindi Sparsh with Answers will surely help you to give an edge to your preparations and score outstandingly in your board exam.

Class 10 Hindi MCQs

Find here the chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Class 10 NCERT Hindi Sparsh and Sanchayan Book as per CBSE new exam pattern. This will help you understand and check your knowledge of the chapters. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer keys have also been provided for your reference.

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs All Chapter Wise with Answers in Format PDF can be a great help for the CBSE Class 10th students. Because, after the announcement of the rationalized syllabus of CBSE 10th Class. Students are becoming anxious. However, students are advised to not worry and solve the multiple choice of questions for each subject regularly.

CBSE Board Class 10 MCQs Question with Answer for Hindi Sparsh

CBSE Class 10 MCQs Question with Answer for Hindi Sparsh enable candidates to improve their speed and accuracy to perform well in the board exams. Generally the MCQ questions are a bit descriptive and should be solved in under 1 minutes. But this much proficiency in class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQ could only be achieved through vigorous practice.

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Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions with Answers

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Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions with Answers

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Class 10 MCQs With Answers For Hindi Sparsh Chapter Wise Saves The Time of students. Hindi Sparsh has quite complex topics and if any student wants to prepare the MCQs on their own, then they will likely waste a lot of their precious time.

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Hindi Sparsh Multiple Choice Questions For Objective Assessment

Hindi Sparsh is filled with several topics that should be understood by the students in depth. And to assess the understanding of those topics candidates must perform the objective assessment on a daily basis.

The MCQ questions for class 10 Hindi Sparsh with answers will ease the learning process. It will allow the candidates to cover the entire syllabus in the meantime. The complexity of the subjects and chapters could be easily acknowledged by the learners with the help of Hindi Sparsh Multiple choice questions. To help the students doing all these kinds of activities we have provided the complete set of MCQs for Hindi Sparsh questions which are downloadable.

MCQ Questions with Answers For Improving the Speed and Accuracy

MCQ Questions also known as Multiple Choice Questions are a little confusing. Because one question contains four alternative options to choose the right one. At the time of answering those MCQ questions students can become puzzled to answer any one correct answer. 

Therefore the Hindi Sparsh MCQ will help them in answering such multiple choice questions. It will also aid in improving the accuracy of students. The answer will enable the students to quickly understand what will be the correct answer. 

However directly solving the MCQ questions with the help of Answer key will not be fruitful. It will be similar to mugging up things. Therefore, students are advised to use the MCQs Questions and Its answers to improve the accuracy and speed. 

Answer And Explanation Of Hindi Sparsh MCQ Questions

Sometimes the answer keys of Hindi Sparsh are not enough to understand its process. Therefore, the class 10 Hindi Sparsh mcqs that we have given consists of the complete step by step explanation of the Multiple choice questions. In order to grasp the concepts behind solving specific MCQ questions. Our Class 10th Chapter wise answer and Explanation will help.

Such types of Hindi Sparsh questions and explanations provide the facility to the students to focus on one thing at a single time. Scoring higher marks in the board exams will be easy by following the right approach to solve the MCQ questions of Class 10th Hindi Sparsh.

Fastest Way to Answer the Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions

While being under pressure and stress in the exam hall. Thinking about what would be the correct answer, etc. If any student will be aware of the fastest way to answer Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions then their work will be very easy. Therefore the below given steps will help the students to know what is the fastest way to answer the Hindi Sparsh MCQs Questions.

  • Read the Entire Question Carefully : The biggest misconception in students is that they know the right answer before reading the entire question. To answer in the fastest way students are needed to read the questions very carefully. If required, then reading the questions multiple times will be quite helpful to answer the correct answer in the fastest way.
  • Answer Them In Your Mind First : Just after reading the questions, answer them in your mind first. It will save you from being confused in choosing the right answer.
  • Use the Elimination Methods : The elimination method is best to answer the Hindi Sparsh MCQ Questions. This method allows the students to reach the answer very quickly by eliminating all the wrong answers. 
  • Focus on the Best Answer : While answering the Hindi Sparsh MCQs, students start thinking about the answers that seem to be the correct ones. But in reality that is not necessarily the correct answer. Therefore, only focus on finding the best answers.
  • Never Stick To Your First Choice  : Sticking to the first choice is sometimes a good choice. But not necessarily it is the only way to answer the questions in the fastest way. Student first choices may be wrong too. Therefore, never stick to your first choice. Always rely on your knowledge instead of your instinct.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Multiple Choice Questions With Answers of key points

There are a few key points of Hindi Sparsh MCQ questions that should be understood by the students.

  1. MCQs wants to know the students basic understanding of chapters.
  2. The answers of MCQs are not descriptive, but sometimes students will have to solve a few questions to find the right answer.
  3. Hindi Sparsh questions are easy to answer if the base of knowledge is stronger. Hence, focusing on basic knowledge can help a lot to score high marks.
  4. Only four options are given to choose the right answers. Therefore, elimination methods could be very helpful.
  5. In upcoming exams the MCQ is going to play a crucial role. Term 1 will consist of only MCQ questions by covering 50% CBSE Class 10th Hindi Sparsh syllabus.


Q1. What is the best strategy while answering the Multiple Choice Questions for exams?

The best strategy to follow while answering the MCQ Questions for exams is to go through the question as many times as possible and understand it clearly.

Q2. Where to download CBSE MCQs for all Classes and Subjects?

CBSE MCQs for all the classes and subjects are provided online or you can view them on our site. Detailed description of the questions is given by subject experts and you can use them as a reference during your preparation.

Q3. What is NCERT Exemplar and where can we get its Solutions?

NCERT Exemplars are basically practice-books that contain additional questions of higher level and give you comprehensive and thorough learning. The NCERT Solutions for the questions are present on our site or you can find them online too.

Q4. Which Book is best for CBSE MCQs?

CBSE Textbooks can be great to guide you for any exam and has detailed solutions for the questions. All the Solutions are explained in a comprehensive manner and are recommended by many subject experts.

Q5. What are the benefits of CBSE MCQs?

CBSE MCQs lay a stronger foundation of concepts in students that can be useful for them in their later stages to prepare for any competitive exams.

Q6. How can I download the CBSE MCQs in PDF Format for free?

You can utilize the quick links on our page to view or download the CBSE MCQs of all classes in an easy way.

Q7. What is the need of NCERT Solutions and CBSE MCQs?

NCERT Solutions and CBSE MCQs will provide you an in-depth understanding of all the questions and concepts in NCERT Textbooks. The majority of the boards that prefer the NCERT Textbooks can use these Solutions for getting a grip on the subject.

Q8. Is there any website that covers MCQ Questions for CBSE Class 6 to 12?

Yes, our website is the one-stop search for all CBSE Board Examination related sources like questions papers, syllabus, exam pattern, sample papers, and Multiple choice questions papers. So, visit our site and easily find MCQs for all subjects classwise.

We hope the given NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Chapter 10 बड़े भाई साहब with Answers Pdf free download will help you. If you have any queries regarding बड़े भाई साहब CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers, drop a comment below and we will get back to you soon.