Multiple Choice Questions on Steel Structure Design – Set 09

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Q1. The economical depth d of a web plate in which allowable bearing stress is fb, and the maximum bending moment is M, as suggested by Rawater and Clark, is

(A) d = ∛(M/fb)
(B) d = 1.5 ∛(M/fb)
(C) d = 2.5 ∛(M/fb)
(D) d = 4.5 ∛(M/fb)

Answer:(D) d = 4.5 ∛(M/fb)

Q2. For the buildings having a low permeability, the internal wind pressure acting normal to the wall and roof surfaces is taken as

(A) Zero
(B) ± 0.2 p
(C) ± 0.5 p
(D) ± 0.7 p
Where ‘p’ is basic wind pressure

Answer: (B) ± 0.2 p

Q3. If the thickness of thinnest outside plate is 10 mm, then the maximum pitch of rivets in tension will be taken as

(A) 120 mm
(B) 160 mm
(C) 200 mm
(D) 300 mm

Answer: (B) 160 mm

Q4. Bending compressive and tensile stresses respectively are calculated based on

(A) Net area and gross area
(B) Gross area and net area
(C) Net area in both cases
(D) Gross area in both cases

Answer: (B) Gross area and net area

Q5. If ‘f’ is the maximum allowable bending stress in a tension member whose radius of gyration is ‘r’ and depth is 2y, the required cross sectional area ‘A’ is given by

(A) A = My/fr2
(B) A = My2/fr2
(C) A = My/fr
(D) A = My/f2r2

Answer: (A) A = My/fr2

Q6. The connection of one beam to another beam by means of an angle at the bottom and an angle at the top, is known as

(A) Unstiffened seated connection
(B) Stiffened seated connection
(C) Seated connection
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Seated connection

Q7. The thickness ‘t’ of a single flat lacing should not be less than

(A) 1/30th length between inner end rivets
(B) 1/40th length between inner end rivets
(C) 1/50th length between inner end rivets
(D) 1/60th length between inner end rivets

Answer: (B) 1/40th length between inner end rivets

Q8. The load on a lintel is assumed as uniformly distributed if the height of the masonry above it, is up to a height of

(A) The effective span
(B) 1.25 times the effective span
(C) 1.50 times the effective span
(D) 2.0 times the effective span

Answer: (B) 1.25 times the effective span

Q9. The channels get twisted symmetrically with regard to its axis

(A) Parallel to flanges
(B) Parallel to web
(C) Perpendicular to flanges
(D) Perpendicular to web

Answer: (B) Parallel to web

Q10. Minimum pitch of the rivets shall not be less than

(A) 1.5 d
(B) 2.0 d
(C) 2.5 d
(D) 3.0 d
Where d is gross diameter of rivet

Answer: (C) 2.5 d

Q11. Maximum pitch of rivets, used in steel stacks, is limited to

(A) 6 t
(B) 10 t
(C) 12 t
(D) 16 t
Where ‘t’ is thickness of thinner plate being connected

Answer: (B) 10 t

Q12. Bolts are most suitable to carry

(A) Shear
(B) Bending
(C) Axial tension
(D) Shear and bending

Answer: (C) Axial tension

Q13. Tongue plates are provided in a steel girder at

(A) The upper flange
(B) The lower flange
(C) The upper end of the web
(D) The upper and lower ends of the web

Answer: (D) The upper and lower ends of the web

Q14. Diameter of a rivet hole is made larger than the diameter of the rivet by

(A) 1.0 mm for rivet diameter upto 12 mm
(B) 1.5 mm for rivet diameter exceeding 25 mm
(C) 2.0 mm for rivet diameter over 25 mm
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) 2.0 mm for rivet diameter over 25 mm

Q15. Rolled steel angle sections are classified as

(A) Equal angles
(B) Unequal angles
(C) Bulb angles
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Design of Steel Structures MCQ SET wise with Answers

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