NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Poem Chapter 5 The Ball Poem

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Poem Chapter 5 The Ball Poem


(Page 47)

A boy loses a ball. He is very upset. A ball doesn’t cost much, nor is it difficult to buy another ball. Why then is the boy so upset ?

Read the poem to see what the poet thinks has been lost, and what the hoy has to learn from the experience of losing something.

The boy is upset because he has lost the ball. Now he has established a sense of belonging to the ball. That’s why, he is upset at this loss. Anyone feels the loss of his belongings.

Thinking About the Poem

In pairs, attempt the following questions.

Question 1. Why does the poet say, “I would not intrude on him” ? Why doesn’t he offer him money to buy another ball ?

The poet says so because the boy is shaken by the loss of his ball. The poet emphasises this loss. This loss can’t be compensated with any money or anything. So he doesn’t give the boy money.

Question 2. “…….. staring.downl All his young days into the harbour where/His ball went ……” Do you think the boy has had the ball for a long time ? Is it linked to the memories of days when he played with it ?

Answer: Yes, the boy had it for a long time. It is seen in ‘staring down/All his young days…’ The boy’s staring into the harbour shows one thing. It is that the ball had links to the memories of many days.

Question 3. What does “in the world of possessions” mean ?

It means the world of materialism. In it one’s possessions carry importance. It is also of consumerism.

Question 4. Do you think the boy has lost anything earlier ? Pick out the words that suggest the answer.

The boy has lost something earlier also. It is seen in the opening line ‘What is the boy now’.

Question 5. What does the poet say the boy is learning from the loss of the ball ? Try to explain this in your own words.

The poet says that the boy is learning the nature of the loss. It is in the loss of the ball. Actually, the boy is shaken in the loss. Now he tries to understand its emotional implication.

Question 6. Have you ever lost something you liked very much ? Write a paragraph describing how you felt then, and saying whether—and how—you got over your loss.

Yes, I have lost many things during the past years. I loved my favourite shirt. I loved it very much. It had a very pleasing colour. It had been stitched as if for me only. Its cloth was very smooth and lovely. It looked very nice on my body. I lay worried for many days at this loss. It couldn’t simply be out of my mind. I felt shaken. I tried to forget it. But I could not. Only after many months would I be able to forget it.

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