Objective Test Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics – Set 19

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Q1. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In a simple harmonic motion

(A) Velocity is maximum at its mean position
(B) Velocity is minimum at the end of the stroke
(C) Acceleration is minimum at the end of the stroke
(D) Acceleration is zero at the mean position

Answer: (C) Acceleration is minimum at the end of the stroke

Q2. A glass ball is shot to hit a wall from a point on a smooth floor. If the ball returns back to the point of projection in twice the time taken in reaching the wall, the coefficient of restitution between the glass ball and the wall is

(A) 0.25
(B) 0.33
(C) 0.40
(D) 0.50

Answer: (D) 0.50

Q3. On a ladder resisting on a smooth ground and leaning against a rough vertical wall, the force of friction acts

(A) Towards the wall at its upper end
(B) Away from the wall at its upper end
(C) Upwards at its upper end
(D) Downwards at its upper end

Answer: (C) Upwards at its upper end

Q4. The motion of a particle is described by the relation x = t2- 10t + 30, where x is in meters and t in seconds. The total distance travelled by the particle from t = 0 to t = 10 seconds would be

(A) Zero
(B) 30 m
(C) 50 m
(D) 60 m

Answer: (A) Zero

Q5. Power can be expressed as

(A) Work/energy
(B) Work/time
(C) Work × time
(D) Work/distance

Answer: (B) Work/time

Q6. The velocity ratio of the differential wheel and axle is

(A) R/r1 – r2
(B) 2R/r1
(C) 3R/r1 – r2
(D) 2R/r1 + r2

Answer: (B) 2R/r1

Q7. Minimum potential energy of a system will be in the position of

(A) Stable equilibrium
(B) Unstable equilibrium
(C) Neutral equilibrium
(D) All of the above

Answer: (A) Stable equilibrium

Q8. A system of coplanar forces is in equilibrium when

(A) Force polygon closes
(B) Funicular polygon closes
(C) Both force polygon” and funicular polygon close
(D) All the forces are concurrent

Answer: (C) Both force polygon” and funicular polygon close

Q9. Joule is the unit of

(A) Power
(B) Impulse
(C) Work
(D) Momentum

Answer: (C) Work

Q10. The direction of projection should bisect the angle between the inclined plane and the vertical for a range of a projectile on inclined plane

(A) To be zero
(B) To be maximum
(C) To be minimum
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) To be maximum

Q11. The practical units of work, is

(A) Erg
(B) Joule
(C) Newton
(D) Dyne

Answer: (B) Joule

Q12. Total no of instantaneous centers of a machine having ‘n’ links, is

(A) n/2
(B) n
(C) (n – 1)
(D) n (n – 1)/2

Answer: (D) n (n – 1)/2

Q13. For the given values of initial velocity of projection and angle of inclination of the plane, the maximum range for a projectile projected upwards will be obtained, if the angle of projection is

(A) α = π/4 – β/2
(B) α = π/2 + β/2
(C) α = β/2 – π/2
(D) α = π/4 – β/2

Answer: (B) α = π/2 + β/2

Q14. For a simple pendulum, the period of one oscillation is

(A) 2π √(l/2g)
(B) 2π √(2g/l)
(C) 2π √(l/g)
(D) 2π √(g/2l)

Answer: (C) 2π √(l/g)

Q15. For a body moving with simple harmonic motion, the number of cycles per second, is known as its

(A) Oscillation
(B) Amplitude
(C) Periodic time
(D) Frequency

Answer: (D) Frequency

Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ SET wise with Answers

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