Objective Type Questions with Answers Building Construction – Set 07

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Q1. The important test to be conducted on a stone used in docks and harbors is

(A) Hardness test
(B) Workability test
(C) Weight test
(D) Toughness test

Answer:(C) Weight test

Q2. Vertical construction joints are provided where the shearing forces are minimum in the case of

(A) Slabs
(B) Beams
(C) Girders
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q3. The window which projects outside a room of a building for admitting more light and air, is known

(A) Bay window
(B) Casement window
(C) Lantern window
(D) Dormer window

Answer:(A) Bay window

Q4. The angular steps used for changing direction of the stairs, are called

(A) Round steps
(B) Angular steps
(C) Winders
(D) Radial steps

Answer: (C) Winders

Q5. The member which is placed horizontally to support common rafter of a sloping roof, is

(A) Purlin
(B) Cleat
(C) Batten
(D) Strut

Answer: (A) Purlin

Q6. Single Flemish bond consists of

(A) Double Flemish bond facing and English bond backing in each course
(B) English bond facing and double Flemish bond backing in each course
(C) Stretcher bond facing and double Flemish bond backing in each course
(D) Double Flemish bond facing and header bond backing in each course

Answer: (A) Double Flemish bond facing and English bond backing in each course

Q7. In the construction of arches, sand box method is used for

(A) Centring
(B) Actual laying of arch work
(C) Striking of centring
(D) None of the above

Answer:(C) Striking of centring

Q8. The concrete slump recommended for columns, is

(A) 25 to 50 mm
(B) 25 to 75 mm
(C) 75 to 125 mm
(D) 50 to 100 mm

Answer: (C) 75 to 125 mm

Q9. A covering of concrete placed on the exposed top of an external wall, is known as

(A) Cornice
(B) Coping
(C) Frieze
(D) Lintel

Answer: (B) Coping

Q10. The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase

(A) Strength
(B) Workability
(C) Stability of structure
(D) All the above

Answer: (C) Stability of structure

Q11. In English garden wall bond

(A) One course of headers to three or five course of stretchers
(B) Queen closer in provided in each heading course
(C) The middle course of stretchers is started with a header to give proper vertical joints
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. The minimum width of a stair in residential buildings, is

(A) 55 cm
(B) 70 cm
(C) 85 cm
(D) 100 cm

Answer: (C) 85 cm

Q13. The bond in which headers and stretchers are laid in alternate courses and every stretcher course is started with a three fourth brick bat, is known as

(A) English cross bond
(B) Dutch bond
(C) Monk bond
(D) Rat-trap bond

Answer: (B) Dutch bond

Q14. The type of bond in a brick masonry containing alternate courses of stretchers and headers, is called

(A) Flemish bond
(B) English bond
(C) Stretcher bond
(D) Header bond

Answer: (B) English bond

Q15. The function of king post in a king post roof truss is

(A) To support the frame work of the roof
(B) To receive the ends of principal rafter
(C) To prevent the walls from spreading outward
(D) To prevent the tie beam from sagging at its centre

Answer: (D) To prevent the tie beam from sagging at its centre

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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