Odisha GK Questions SET-7

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Q1.Which among the following temple is/ are situated in Puri district of Odisha?

  1. Lord Jagannath Temple
  2. Lingaraj Temple
  3. Sun Temple
  4. Meenakshi Temple
    Choose the correct option from the codes given below :
    [A] 1 only
    [B] 1 & 3
    [C] 1, 2 & 3
    [D] 1, 2, 3 & 4

Correct Answer: B [1 & 3]

Q2.Which among the following places is/ are the Notified Area Council (NAC) of Odisha?

  1. Pipili
  2. Sunabeda
  3. Nayagarh
  4. Konark
    Choose the correct option from the codes given below :
    [A] 1 only
    [B] 1, 2 & 3
    [C] 1, 3 & 4
    [D] 1, 2, 3 & 4

Correct Answer: D [1, 2, 3 & 4]

Q3.Which of the following god is worshipped during the Chandrabhagha fair of Magha month?

[A] Lord Shiva
[B] Lord Krishna
[C] Sun
[D] Lord Vishnu

Correct Answer: C [Sun]

Q4.Gautam Kumar Kahali is associated with which of the following sports events of Odisha?

[A] Trekking
[B] Wrestling
[C] Football
[D] Field Hockey

Correct Answer: B [Wrestling]

Q5.Which of the following schemes of Odisha aimed at providing a scholarship to the students having good skills in Odia language?

[A] Odia Bhasa Gyan Scholarship Programme
[B] Bhasa Gyan Scholarship Programme
[C] Bhasa Bruti Puraskar Scholarship Programme
[D] Odia Bhasa Sudaksha Scholarship Programme

Correct Answer: C [Bhasa Bruti Puraskar Scholarship Programme]

Q6.Which district of Odisha has the maximum forest cover as per the Forest survey, 2011?

[A] Mayurbhanj
[B] Sambalpur
[C] Cuttack
[D] Balasore

Correct Answer: A [Mayurbhanj]

Q7.Which district of Odisha is famous for handicraft and cottage industries all over the world?

[A] Puri
[B] Cuttack
[C] Balasor
[D] Bhadrak

Correct Answer: A [Puri]

Q8.Which of the following festival of Odisha is observed on the sixth day of the bright fortnight of Jyestha month?

[A] Snana Yatra
[B] Chandan Yatra
[C] Dandanata
[D] Sitalsasthi

Correct Answer: D [Sitalsasthi]

Q9.Which of the following sportspersons of Odisha won two silver medals in 2018 ‘Asian Games’ held in Jakarta?

[A] Padmini Rout
[B] Katulu Ravi Kumar
[C] Sorabani Nanda
[D] Dutee Chand

Correct Answer: D [Dutee Chand]

Q10.Odisha Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yojana (MMSY) was launched in which year?

[A] 2014-15
[B] 2016-17
[C] 2017-18
[D] 2020-21

Correct Answer: A [2014-15]

Q11.Which ancient place of Odisha was declared UNESCO World Heritage site?

[A] Sun temple
[B] Kalinga city
[C] Jagannath temple
[D] Lingaraj temple

Correct Answer: A [Sun temple]

Q12.Which among the following was/ were taxes levied by the British which became the main reason for the Prajamandal Movement?

[A] Rasad
[B] Magan
[C] Begari
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

Q13.Baisipalli wildlife sanctuary is situated in which district of Odisha?

[A] Balasore
[B] Nayagarh
[C] Khordha
[D] Keonjhar

Correct Answer: B [Nayagarh]

Q14.Iron ore was first discovered in which district of Odisha?

[A] Kalahand
[B] Koraput
[C] Jharsuguda
[D] Mayurbhanj

Correct Answer: D [Mayurbhanj]

Q15.Which of the following districts of Odisha has the highest population as per the census 2011?

[A] Ganjam
[B] Gajapati
[C] Sundargarh
[D] Cuttack

Correct Answer: A [Ganjam]

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