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Q1. The form Work including the props can be removed from beams, only after

(A) 3 days
(B) 7 days
(C) 14 days
(D) 21 days

Answer: (C) 14 days

Q2. Pick up the correct statements from the following:

(A) Cracks appear on the plastered surface in the form of hair cracks
(B) In brick work, the efflorescence is removed by applying a solution of zinc sulphate and water
(C) Excessive thermal variations in the backing or plaster causes the plaster to fall
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q3. Nogging of a common wooden partition is

(A) Upper horizontal wooden member
(B) Lower horizontal wooden member
(C) Intermediate horizontal wooden member
(D) Vertical wooden member

Answer: (C) Intermediate horizontal wooden member

Q4. The mortar in which both cement and lime are used as binding materials, is called

(A) Cement mortar
(B) Lime mortar
(C) Fire resistant mortar
(D) Gauged mortar

Answer: (D) Gauged mortar

Q5. The window which is provided on a sloping roof of a building, is called

(A) Lantern window
(B) Dormer window
(C) Louvered window
(D) Rash window

Answer: (B) Dormer window

Q6. Which one of the following factors is considered for the orientation of buildings?

(A) The direction of the prevailing winds in the area
(B) The exposure of the walls and roof of the buildings to the rays of sun
(C) The extent up to which the sunrays penetrate with the verandah
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q7. According to Rankine’s formula, minimum depth of foundations, is

(A) (P/w) × [(1 + sin φ)/(1 – sin φ)]²
(B) (P/w) × [(1 – sin φ)/(1 + sin φ)]²
(C) (P/2w) × [(1 – sin φ)/(1 + sin φ)]²
(D) (P/w) × [(1 + sin φ)/(1 – sin φ)]

Answer: (B) (P/w) × [(1 – sin φ)/(1 + sin φ)]²

Q8. The single stage well point system of dewatering an excavation can be used if the depth of excavation does not exceed

(A) 5 m
(B) 10 m
(C) 15 m
(D) 20 m

Answer: (A) 5 m

Q9. To construct a 10 cm thick partition wall, you will prefer

(A) English bond
(B) Flemish bond
(C) Header bond
(D) Stretcher bond

Answer: (D) Stretcher bondr

Q10. To stagger vertical joints in successive courses of a wall, a piece of brick is generally used at the end of the course, which is known as

(A) Bat
(B) Header
(C) Stretcher
(D) Closer

Answer: (D) Closer

Q11. The nominal thickness of one brick wall in mm, is

(A) 90 mm
(B) 150 mm
(C) 190 mm
(D) 200 mm

Answer: (D) 200 mm

Q12. The strength of brick masonry in 1:6 cement mortar, is

(A) 20 tonnes/m2
(B) 40 tonnes/m2
(C) 50 tonnes/m2
(D) 60 tonnes/m2

Answer: (C) 50 tonnes/m2

Q13. The bearing capacity of granite is generally

(A) 5 to 10 kg/cm2
(B) 15 to 20 kg/cm2
(C) 30 to 35 kg/cm2
(D) 40 to 45 kg/cm2

Answer: (C) 30 to 35 kg/cm2

Q14. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

(A) The retaining wall should be structurally capable to resist the applied earth pressure
(B) The section of the retaining wall should be so proportioned that it may not overturn by the lateral pressure
(C) The retaining wall should be safe against sliding
(D) To drain off water from the earth retained, weep holes are provided near the top of the retaining wall

Answer: (D) To drain off water from the earth retained, weep holes are provided near the top of the retaining wall

Q15. The form work from the sides of beams can be removed only after

(A) 1 day
(B) 4 days
(C) 7 days
(D) 14 days

Answer: (A) 1 day

Building Construction MCQ SET wise with Answers

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