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Q1.What is the other name of Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy?

[A] ICC Cricketer of the Year Awards
[B] ICC Test Captain of the Year
[C] Spirit of the Cricket Awards
[D] Test Player of the Year Award

Correct Answer: A [ICC Cricketer of the Year Awards]

Q2.What was the position of India Men’s National Hockey team at the Rio Olympics?

[A] 3
[B] 9
[C] 8
[D] 15

Correct Answer: C [8]

Q3.Which team won the EPL without losing a single game in 2003-04 season, a feat which has never been repeated?

[A] Arsenal
[B] Chelsea
[C] Liverpool
[D] Man U

Correct Answer: A [Arsenal ]

Q4.Which Indian pair broke the record for the longest tie-break against the Uzbek pair Vlada Ekshibarova and Ivanna Israilova?

[A] Sania Mirza and Ankita Raina
[B] Ankita Raina and Manisha Malhotra
[C] Pranjala Yadlapalli and Manisha Malhotra
[D] Sania Mirza and Manisha Malhotra

Correct Answer: D [Sania Mirza and Manisha Malhotra ]

Q5.The first ancient Olympic Games was dated to which year?

[A] 1776 BC
[B] 776 BC
[C] 776 AD
[D] 1776 AD

Correct Answer: B [776 BC]

Q6.Three R’s of Football are famous in which country ?

[A] Peru
[B] Mexico
[C] Brazil

Correct Answer: C [Brazil]

Q7.Which Indian player has recorded the maximum number of wins in Davis Cup?

[A] Mahesh Bhupathi
[B] Leander Paes
[C] Sumit Nagal
[D] Rohan Bopanna

Correct Answer: B [Leander Paes ]

Q8.Who was the Best Player in the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup?

[A] Kitty van Male
[B] Lidewij Welten
[C] Olivia Merry
[D] Kelly Jonker

Correct Answer: B [Lidewij Welten ]

Q9.Where was the IAAF founded?

[A] Sweden
[B] Berlin
[C] London
[D] Melbourne

Correct Answer: A [Sweden ]

Q10.In which place, the first modern Olympic Games was held?

[A] Paris
[B] Athens
[C] Berlin
[D] Amsterdam

Correct Answer: B [Athens]

Q11.Who among the following was known as Flying Sikh?

[A] Milkha Singh
[B] Harbhajan Singh
[C] Yuvaraj Singh
[D] Gurbachan Singh

Correct Answer: A [Milkha Singh]

Q12.After whose name is the Sudirman Cup named?

[A] Rob Sudirman
[B] Tom Sudirman
[C] Dick Sudirman
[D] Pete Sudirman

Correct Answer: C [Dick Sudirman ]

Q13.What does the globe in the ICC World Cup Trophy symbolise?

[A] World
[B] All participating nations
[C] Cricket Ball
[D] Unity

Correct Answer: C [Cricket Ball ]

Q14.Who won the Gold Medal in the inaugural event of the 1973 IAAF World Cross Country Championships in men’s event?

[A] Mariano Haro’
[B] Rod Dixon
[C] Pekka Paivarinta
[D] Karel Lismont

Correct Answer: C [Pekka Paivarinta ]

Q15.Who was the first President of the International Olympic Committee?

[A] Pierre de Coubertin
[B] Demetrios Vikelas
[C] Woodrow Wilson
[D] Winston Churchill

Correct Answer: B [Demetrios Vikelas]

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