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Q1.The terms “Technical foul” and “Flagrant Foul” are most commonly associated with which of the following sports?

[A] Table Tennis
[B] Badminton
[C] Basket Ball
[D] Football

Correct Answer: C [Basket Ball]

Q2.What is the prize money in Sudirman Cup?

[A] $5 m
[B] $7 m
[C] $10 m
[D] None

Correct Answer: D [None ]

Q3.Which team had won the 2015 Cricket World Cup?

[A] Australia
[B] New Zealand
[C] South Africa
[D] India

Correct Answer: A [Australia ]

Q4.Which nation had lifted maximum number of medals in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup women?

[A] Norway
[B] Switzerland
[C] France
[D] Canada

Correct Answer: D [Canada ]

Q5.Which country tops the “All-time Asian Games Medal table”?

[A] Iran
[B] South Korea
[C] Japan
[D] China

Correct Answer: D [China]

Q6.Who holds the current record for the highest individual score in the Cricket World Cup matches?

[A] Kumar Sangakkara
[B] Rohit Sharma
[C] Martin Guptill
[D] Chris Gayle

Correct Answer: C [Martin Guptill]

Q7.Which country won the most number of Men’s Hockey World Cup champion titles?

[A] Netherlands
[B] Australia
[C] Pakistan
[D] India

Correct Answer: C [Pakistan]

Q8.Which country houses the headquarters of the International Hockey Federation?

[A] France
[B] Canada
[C] India
[D] Switzerland

Correct Answer: D [Switzerland]

Q9.Which sport’s competition is known as the “Alps Tour”?

[A] Golf
[B] Basketball
[C] Cricket
[D] Rugby

Correct Answer: A [Golf]

Q10.Identify the boxing punch technique. “One contender draws non-injuring offensive punches to let their opponent fatigue themself. This then gives the contender an advantage as the opponent becomes tired, allowing the contender to execute devastating offensive maneuvers and thereby win”?

[A] Rope-a-dope Punch
[B] Bolo Punch
[C] Overhand Punch
[D] Check hook Punch

Correct Answer: A [Rope-a-dope Punch]

Q11.Identify the handball throw. “The team which did not touch the ball last is awarded this throw when the ball fully crosses the sideline or touches the ceiling. If the ball crosses the outer goal line, this throw is awarded only if the defending field players touched the ball last.”?

[A] Throw-in
[B] Throw-off
[C] Free throw
[D] Seven-meter throw

Correct Answer: A [Throw-in]

Q13.Which country won the gold medal in Women’s Field Hockey at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games?

[A] Argentina
[B] Netherlands
[C] Germany
[D] Great Britain

Correct Answer: D [Great Britain]

Q14.Which sport’s playing format is “Foursomes/ alternate shot”?

[A] Badminton
[B] Golf
[C] Tennis
[D] Basketball

Correct Answer: B [Golf]

Q15.Which is the country of origin of “Collegiate Wrestling”?

[A] United States of America
[B] Canada
[C] Norway
[D] United Kingdom

Correct Answer: A [United States of America]

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