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Q1.Indian-American Bhavya Lal has been appointed as the acting chief of staff of which organisation?


Correct Answer: B [NASA]

Q2.Who was Peter Thangaraj?

[A] An Indian Football Player
[B] An Indian Cricket Player
[C] An Indian Tennis Player
[D] An Indian Volleyball Player

Correct Answer: A [An Indian Football Player]

Q3.In which the Summer Olympic Games, football became an official competition?

[A] 1908 Summer Olympic Games
[B] 1912 Summer Olympic Games
[C] 1916 Summer Olympic Games
[D] 1920 Summer Olympic Games

Correct Answer: A [1908 Summer Olympic Games]

Q4.Which two sports combine to form the game called “Sholf”?

[A] Table Shuffleboard and polo
[B] Table Shuffleboard and golf
[C] Table Shuffleboard and tennis
[D] Table Shuffleboard and table tennis

Correct Answer: B [Table Shuffleboard and golf ]

Q5.Who holds the record of winning the most number of gold medals in the World Weightlifting Championships all time?

[A] Vasily Alekseyev
[B] John Davis
[C] Edward Lawrence Levy
[D] David Rigert

Correct Answer: A [Vasily Alekseyev]

Q6.Who is the head of the task force set up by the Education Ministry, to prepare roadmap on imparting technical education in mother tongue?

[A] Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank
[B] Amit Khare
[C] Bhaskar Ramamurthy
[D] Rajiv Gauba

Correct Answer: B [Amit Khare]

Q7.Which country is the place of origin of tennis sport?

[A] Canada
[B] England
[C] France
[D] Spain

Correct Answer: B [England]

Q8.Which FIFA Football World Cup was the venue of the event “Maracanazo”?

[A] 1950 FIFA World Cup
[B] 1954 FIFA World Cup
[C] 1958 FIFA World Cup
[D] 1962 FIFA World Cup

Correct Answer: A [1950 FIFA World Cup]

Q9.Which boxing style is in which a boxer seeks to maintain distance between himself and his opponent, fighting with faster, longer range punches, most notably the jab and gradually wearing his opponent down?

[A] Boxer/out-fighter
[B] Boxer-puncher
[C] Counter puncher
[D] Brawler/slugger

Correct Answer: A [Boxer/out-fighter]

Q10.Which is the highest international governing body for the sport of powerlifting?

[A] International Powerlifting Association
[B] International Powerlifting Federation
[C] International Powerlifting Committee
[D] International Powerlifting Organization

Correct Answer: B [International Powerlifting Federation]

Q11.As per the Union budget, what is the limit for tax-free interest on Provident Fund Contributions?

[A] Rs 2.5 lakh
[B] Rs 5 lakh
[C] Rs 7.5 lakh
[D] Rs 10 lakh

Correct Answer: A [Rs 2.5 lakh]

Q12.What is the name of the Grand Slam tennis tournament played on clay courts?

[A] Australian Open
[B] French Open
[C] Wimbledon Championship
[D] US Open

Correct Answer: B [French Open]

Q13.What is “Walter Clopton Wingfield” known as?

[A] Founder of modern golf
[B] Founder of modern table tennis
[C] Founder of modern squash
[D] Founder of modern lawn tennis

Correct Answer: D [Founder of modern lawn tennis]

Q14.Which professional boxer is nicknamed the “Big George”?

[A] George Foreman
[B] George Carpentier
[C] George Jackson
[D] George David

Correct Answer: A [George Foreman]

Q15.Which sport’s competition techniques are “squat”, “bench press” and “deadlift”?

[A] Powerlifting
[B] Weightlifting
[C] Archery
[D] Wrestling

Correct Answer: A [Powerlifting]

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