Sports GK Questions SET-7

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Q1.Where is the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) campus located?

[A] Ahmedabad
[B] Bengaluru
[C] Chennai
[D] Kodaikanal

Correct Answer: B [Bengaluru]

Q2.Which Grand Slam tennis tournament’s home is “Billie Jean King National Tennis Center”?

[A] French Open
[B] Wimbledon Championship
[C] Australian Open
[D] US Open

Correct Answer: D [US Open]

Q3.Which country houses the headquarters of the “Association of Tennis Professionals”?

[A] United States of America
[B] Australia
[C] United Kingdom
[D] France

Correct Answer: C [United Kingdom]

Q4.Which professional boxer is nicknamed the “Galveston Giant”?

[A] Muhammad Ali
[B] Jack Johnson
[C] Jim Corbett
[D] John L. Sullivan

Correct Answer: B [Jack Johnson]

Q5.Which country won the gold medal in women’s team archery at the 2016 Summer Olympics?

[A] Taiwan
[B] Russia
[C] South Korea
[D] China

Correct Answer: C [South Korea]

Q6.India signed a MoU with which country to build the ‘Lalandar or Shatoot dam’?

[A] Nepal
[B] Afghanistan
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Sri Lanka

Correct Answer: B [Afghanistan]

Q7.Which sport’s tournament is known as “ATP Tour”?

[A] Table Tennis
[B] Taekwondo
[C] Triathlon
[D] Tennis

Correct Answer: D [Tennis]

Q8.Which of the following are the all-time record holders for the most number of Olympic medals in tennis?

[A] Kathleen McKane Godfree and Venus Williams
[B] Kathleen McKane Godfree and Serena Williams
[C] Venus Williams and Serena Williams
[D] Gigi Fernandez and Mary Joe Fernandes

Correct Answer: A [Kathleen McKane Godfree and Venus Williams]

Q9.Identify the boxing punch technique. “One contender draws non-injuring offensive punches to let their opponent fatigue themself. This then gives the contender an advantage as the opponent becomes tired, allowing the contender to execute devastating offensive maneuvers and thereby win”?

[A] Rope-a-dope Punch
[B] Bolo Punch
[C] Overhand Punch
[D] Check hook Punch

Correct Answer: A [Rope-a-dope Punch]

Q10.Which archer ranks first, as of 2020, in recurve women individual archery?

[A] Tan Ya-Ting
[B] Kang Chae-Young
[C] Zheng Yichai
[D] Sugimoto Tomomi

Correct Answer: B [Kang Chae-Young]

Q11.Which country is set to build the world’s first energy island?

[A] Switzerland
[C] Denmark
[D] Poland

Correct Answer: C [Denmark]

Q12.Who is ranked number one women’s tennis player in the world in 2017 as per WTA?

[A] Serena Williams
[B] Simona Halep
[C] Garbine Muguruza
[D] Victoria Azarenka

Correct Answer: B [Simona Halep ]

Q13.Who was the Best Young Player in 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

[A] Carli Lloyd
[B] Kadeisha Buchanan
[C] Celia Sasic
[D] Hope Solo

Correct Answer: B [Kadeisha Buchanan ]

Q14.Which woman athlete has won 5 gold medals in high jump in the IAAF World Indoor Championships?

[A] Stefka Kostadinova
[B] Natalya Nazarova
[C] Meseret Defar
[D] Maria Mutola

Correct Answer: A [Stefka Kostadinova ]

Q15.Which of the following Grand Slam is played on a Clay court?

[A] US Open
[B] Australian Open
[C] Wimbledon
[D] French Open

Correct Answer: D [French Open ]

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