Tamil Nadu GK Questions SET-1

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Q1.Which of the following ancient Tamil Kingdoms came to be known from Sangam Literature?

[A] Chola
[B] Chera
[C] Pandya
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: D [ All of the above ]

Q2.Which festival is celebrated in north India when Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu?

[A] Holi
[B] Makar Sankranti
[C] Diwali
[D] Baishaki

Correct Answer: B [Makar Sankranti]

Q3.What is the sex ratio of Tamil Nadu as per 2011 Census?

[A] 987
[B] 985
[C] 990
[D] 995

Correct Answer: D [ 995 ]

Q4.In how many zones, the Greater Chennai Police Commissionerate has been divided in Tamil Nadu?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 5
[D] 6

Correct Answer: B [ 4 ]

Q5.Who among the following built the Parthasarathy Temple ?

[A] Narasimhavarman I
[B] Mahendravarman II
[C] Mahendravarman I
[D] Simhavishnu

Correct Answer: A [ Narasimhavarman I ]

Q6.Where was the first Tamil Sangam held__?

[A] Madurai
[B] Kapatpuram
[C] Kaveripattnam
[D] Kural

Correct Answer: A [ Madurai ]

Q7.In which of the famous temple of Tamil Nadu, Shiva is worshipped as “Natraja”?

[A] Madurai
[B] Tanjore
[C] Chidambaram
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: C [Chidambaram]

Q8.As per 2011 Census, which district of Tamil Nadu has least population?

[A] Theni
[B] Karur
[C] Sivaganga
[D] Perambalur

Correct Answer: D [ Perambalur ]

Q9.The Mahatma Gandhi Community Colleges have been opened in Tamil Nadu in which among the following?

[A] Small Revenue Villages
[B] Districts with lowest Education Ratio
[C] Districts with highest population of SCs & STs
[D] Prisons for vocational training of prisoners

Correct Answer: D [ Prisons for vocational training of prisoners ]

Q10.Which of the following book is considered as the ‘Odyssus of Tamil poetry’?

[A] Tirukkural
[B] Manimekalai
[C] Silappadikarma
[D] Jivaka Chintamani

Correct Answer: B [ Manimekalai ]

Q11.Which City is known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu ?

[A] Chennai
[B] Tuticorin
[C] Thanjavur
[D] Ennore

Correct Answer: C [Thanjavur]

Q12.Ekamabaranadhar temple of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu was built by__?

[A] Cholas
[B] Pandyas
[C] Pallavas
[D] Vijayanagar Emperors

Correct Answer: D [ Vijayanagar Emperors ]

Q13.The earliest name of Chennai is Chennaipattinam, which referred to the town around the Fort St George in 1639-40. The place was acquired by the British from _?

[A] Damarla Venkatadri Nayakudu
[B] Peda Venkata Rayalu
[C] Padma Velama Nayak
[D] Chennappa Nayakudu

Correct Answer: D [ Chennappa Nayakudu ]

Q14.Which of the following was the capital of Chola dynasty?

[A] Madurai
[B] Karur
[C] Uraiyaur
[D] Kaveripattnam

Correct Answer: C [ Uraiyaur ]

Q15.Which Industry flourishes in Coimbatore-Tiruppur belt in Tamil Nadu?

[A] Stone Carvings
[B] Textiles
[C] Leather
[D] Bamboo

Correct Answer: B [Textiles]

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