Tamil Nadu GK Questions SET-2

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Q1.Vainu Bappu Observatory is located in which district of Tamil Nadu?

[A] Chennai
[B] Karur
[C] Vellore
[D] Salem

Correct Answer: C [ Vellore ]

Q2.In which year, name Chennai from Madras was officially changed?

[A] 1993
[B] 1995
[C] 1997
[D] 1998

Correct Answer: B [ 1995 ]

Q3.The Pattini cult was established by which Sangam ruler?

[A] Nedunjeral Adan, the Chera ruler
[B] Senguttuvan, the Chera ruler
[C] Karikala, the Chola ruler
[D] Nedujeliyan, the Pandyan ruler

Correct Answer: B [ Senguttuvan, the Chera ruler ]

Q4.Which of the following was another name of Pallava King Narasimhavarman-I?

[A] Mamalla
[B] Mahedravarman
[C] Apapar
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Mamalla]

Q5.In which year, Municipal corporation of Chennai was established?

[A] 1582
[B] 1688
[C] 1662
[D] 1702

Correct Answer: B [ 1688 ]

Q6.In which year, Madras State was renamed as Tamilnadu?

[A] 1960
[B] 1963
[C] 1969
[D] 1972

Correct Answer: C [ 1969 ]

Q7.Which among the following is a Tamil grammatical treatise ?

[A] Pattupattu
[B] Ettutogai
[C] Silappadikaram
[D] Tolkappiam

Correct Answer: D [Tolkappiam]

Q8.Which among the following is the most important work of Tamil Literature of Sangam Period (sometimes also referred as Bible of the Tamil land)?

[A] Thirukkural
[B] Purananuru
[C] Malaipatukatam
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Thirukkural]

Q9.In which year, the publication of “The Madras Mail”, India’s first evening newspaper started?

[A] 1850
[B] 1868
[C] 1872
[D] 1888

Correct Answer: B [ 1868 ]

Q10.What is the name of seat of Corporation of Chennai?

[A] Chelmsford Building
[B] Ripon Building
[C] Cornwallis Building
[D] Dalhousie Building

Correct Answer: B [ Ripon Building ]

Q11.“Kuyil Pattu” is a famous work ascribed to which among the following Tamil Poets?

[A] Bharathidasan
[B] Avvaiyar
[C] Anandabharati Aiyangar
[D] Subramanya Bharathi

Correct Answer: D [Subramanya Bharathi]

Q12.Among India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Myanmar , which are the countries which have provided official status to Tamil Language ?

[A] India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
[B] India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia
[C] India, Sri Lanka, Singapore
[D] India and Malaysia

Correct Answer: C [India, Sri Lanka, Singapore]

Q13.How many districts of Tamil Nadu share the coastline?

[A] 10
[B] 12
[C] 13
[D] 14

Correct Answer: C [ 13 ]

Q14.Who led the French forces during the “Siege of Madras”?

[A] Georges Duval de Leyrit
[B] Charles Godeheu
[C] Antoine Boyellau
[D] Thomas Arthur, Lally

Correct Answer: D [ Thomas Arthur, Lally ]

Q15.Which among the following National Parks / Wild Life sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu is called as Top Slip?

[A] Aanamalai National Park
[B] Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
[C] Guindy National Park
[D] Palani Hills National Park

Correct Answer: A [Aanamalai National Park]

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