Tenses Set – 1 Multiple Choice Questions

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Q1.Don’t worry __ late tonight.

A. when I am
B. if I’ll be
C. if I am
D. when I’ll be

Answer: C.if I am

Q2.We’re good friends. We __ each other for a long time.

A. have known
B. have been knowing
C. know
D. knew

Answer: A.have known

Q3.John __ tennis once or twice a week

A. plays usually
B. is usually playing
C. is playing usually
D. usually plays

Answer: D.usually plays

Q4.It’s two years __ Joe.

A. since I saw
B. that I don’t see
C. since I didn’t see
D. that I haven’t seen

Answer: A.since I saw

Q5.__ a car when they were living in London ?

A. Had they
B. Have they had
C. Were they having
D. Did they have

Answer: D.Did they have

Q6.The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he __ before.

A. didn’t fly
B. hadn’t flown
C. hasn’t flown
D. wasn’t flying

Answer: B.hadn’t flown

Q7.Allen __ out when Barry arrived.

A. had gone
B. has gone
C. going
D. go

Answer: A.had gone

Q8.We telephoned Carol but she __.

A. was leaving
B. has left
C. had left
D. have left

Answer: C.had left

Q9.Doris was sad because she _ the test.

A. is failed
B. had failed
C. was failed
D. has failed

Answer: B.had failed

Q10.Edward said that he __ the book from Ramsey the day before.

A. were borrowed
B. was borrowed
C. have borrowed
D. had borrowed

Answer: D.had borrowed

Q11.Jeffrey told me that he __ the pen because he thought it was his.

A. has taken
B. had taken
C. was taken
D. have taken

Answer: B.had taken

Q12.The girls __ their housework before they came.

A. had done
B. are done
C. has done
D. is done

Answer: A.had done

Q13.We __ the room when she arrived.

A. had cleaned
B. are cleaned
C. have cleaned
D. is cleaned

Answer: A.had cleaned

Q14.Mr. Gill _ the boys before what would happen if he ever caught them smoking.

A. was told
B. has told
C. had told
D. have told

Answer: C.had told

Q15.Mr. Harry __ the doors before leaving the house.

A. was locked
B. have locked
C. had locked
D. has locked

Answer: C.had locked

Q16.When Mrs. Black reached the shop, Mr. Kevin _ already __.

A. was … left
B. has … left
C. have … left
D. had … left

Answer: D.had … left

Q17.”I __ to Mrs Sze about your matter. She wants you to see her as soon as possible,” Mr. Goh said.

A. have spoken
B. has spoken
C. had spoken
D. are spoken

Answer: A.have spoken

Q18.When Mariah reached home, Mike __ dinner.

A. have cooked
B. has cooked
C. had cooked
D. is cooked

Answer: C.had cooked

Q19.I __ along the road for a kilometer when I realized that I was on the wrong road.

A. have driven
B. am driven
C. has driven
D. had driven

Answer: D.had driven

Q20.We __ watching television when the phone rang.

A. were
B. had
C. has
D. have

Answer: A.were

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