Tenses Set – 2 Multiple Choice Questions

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Q1.”I __ you before that you have to wash the rice before you can cook it !” shouted Mrs Thambi.

A. had told
B. have told
C. am told
D. has told

Answer: B.have told

Q2.Shaun __ me that the road could be dangerous. So, I drove carefully.

A. was informed
B. had informed
C. have informed
D. are informed

Answer: B.had informed

Q3.He was only joking, as he __ many times before.

A. is doing
B. are done
C. has doing
D. had done

Answer: D.had done

Q4.Jay __ only three letters home this year. He should write more often.

A. are written
B. have written
C. has written
D. was writte

Answer: C.has written

Q5.Mr Yew __ Jessie good advice but Jessie did not take his advice.

A. has given
B. had given
C. are given
D. have given

Answer: B.had given

Q6.By the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese __ to Malacca.

A. had come
B. has come
C. are come
D. have come

Answer: A.had come

Q7.I _ often _ what you look like. Won’t you send me a photograph of yourself ?

A. are … wondered
B. have … wondered
C. has … wondered
D. had … wondered

Answer: B.have … wondered

Q8.The boy was sorry that he __ asleep.

A. are fallen
B. have fallen
C. has fallen
D. had fallen

Answer: D.had fallen

Q9.We __ to visit you last month.

A. have planned
B. had planned
C. were planned
D. are planned

Answer: B.had planned

Q10.The boys __ going to visit their classmate who is sick and in the hospital

A. have
B. are
C. has
D. had

Answer: B.are

Q11.Mrs. Lee told Miss Sow that she __ paid too much for the car.

A. had
B. has
C. were
D. are

Answer: A.had

Q12.There __ many boys in the field every evening when school is over.

A. has
B. have
C. had
D. are

Answer: D.are

Q13.My father __ never stayed in a hospital until he had the heart attack.

A. had
B. have
C. has
D. are

Answer: A.had

Q14.Ali accidentally __ his mother’s vase while playing in the hall just now.

A. break
B. breaks
C. broke
D. broken

Answer: C.broke

Q15.__ kites is his favourite hobby.

A. Fly
B. Flying
C. Flies
D. Flew

Answer: B.Flying

Q16.”Shall we __ you cut the vegetables ?” we asked Mother.

A. help
B. helps
C. helped
D. to help

Answer: A.help

Q17.On my way to school, I __ an old friend.

A. meet
B. meets
C. meeting
D. met

Answer: D.met

Q18.It started to rain just before the guests __.

A. arrive
B. arrives
C. arrived
D. arriving

Answer: C.arrived

Q19.Did you see my new pair of shoes ? It __ here a minute ago.

A. was
B. are
C. were
D. is

Answer: A.was

Q20.The tragic news __ announced over the radio a while ago.

A. is
B. was
C. are
D. were

Answer: B.was

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