Tenses Set – 7 Multiple Choice Questions

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Q1.What did each child __ as a souvenir for National Day ?

D.has got

Answer: A.get

Q2.When he is older, he wants to __ a pilot.


Answer: A.become

Q3.Will you please __ down the volume of the radio ?


Answer: A.turn

Q4.Nowadays a lot of children _ how to swim.

C.are knowing
D.are being known

Answer: B.know

Q5.Do you know who __ so much noise ?

A.are made
B.are making
C.is made
D.is making

Answer: D.is making

Q6.” _ this bag _ to you ?” he asked her.

A.Is … belonging
B.Has — belonged
C.Does … belong
D.Is … belonged

Answer: C.Does … belong

Q7.I __ to be left alone. Please go away.

C.am wishing
D.have wished

Answer: B.wish

Q8.The goods __ by ship on the fifth of July.

B.is arriving
C.are arriving
D.have arrived

Answer: C.are arriving

Q9.He __ about the food sold at his school canteen.

A.is always complaining
B.always complained
C.have always complained
D.been always complaining

Answer: A.is always complaining

Q10._ you _ that tomorrow is the last day of the year ?

B.is organizing
C.has organized
D.are organizing

Answer: D.are organizing

Q11.I __ several hundred stamps in my collection.

C.is having
D.are having

Answer: A.have

Q12.The little boy __ to go to bed early.

A.do not like
B.is not liking
C.does not like
D.has not liked

Answer: C.does not like

Q13.The train __ for Penang at half past eight.

A.are leaving
C.is left
D.is being left

Answer: B.leaves

Q14.The policeman __ our neighborhood every day.

A.are patrolling
C.is being patrolled
D.is patrolled

Answer: B.patrols

Q15.The files __ in the locked cabinet. Get the key from Mrs. Naidu.

B.are kept
C.are keeping
D.is being kept

Answer: B.are kept

Q16.The machine _ of many parts, the names of which I always _.

A.is consisting; forget
B.consists; am forgetting
C.consists; forget
D.is consisting; is forgetting

Answer: C.consists; forget

Q17.Traffic _ to flow more smoothly when work on widening the highway _.

A.expects; is completed
B.is being expected; is completed
C.is expected; is completed
D.is expected; is being completed

Answer: C.is expected; is completed

Q18.I __ the watch that you lost yesterday.

B.have been finding
C.have found
D.am finding

Answer: C.have found

Q19.She __ all afternoon, yet she complains of a headache.

A.had rested
B.is resting
C.have rested
D.has been resting

Answer: D.has been resting

Q20.My back is aching because I __ the furniture in the living room.

A.has rearranged
C.have been rearranged
D.have been rearranging

Answer: D.have been rearranging

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