West Bengal GK Questions SET-4

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Q1.What was called Magadhi Apabhramsa?

[A] Common language spoken in many places
[B] One common misconception about Magadhi language
[C] Twisted form of Magadhi language
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Common language spoken in many places]

Q2.The first issue of Digdarshan was published on–

[A] November 1818
[B] May 1818
[C] June 1818
[D] April 1818

Correct Answer: D [April 1818]

Q3.When did The Bengalee close down?

[A] 1931
[B] 1932
[C] 1933
[D] 1934

Correct Answer: A [1931]

Q4.Sulabh Samachar was first published in–

[A] 1870
[B] 1877
[C] 1875
[D] 1889

Correct Answer: A [1870]

Q5.The nickname of Malda is–

[A] Blue City
[B] Pink City
[C] Mango City
[D] Sun City

Correct Answer: C [Mango City]

Q6.Murari Gupta composed–

[A] Kathacharita
[B] Radhakrishnan
[C] Sriradha Kathamrita
[D] Shri Krishna Charitamrita

Correct Answer: D [Shri Krishna Charitamrita]

Q7.Which was the first periodical of Bengal in Bengali language?

[A] Digdarshan
[B] Samachar Darpan
[C] Samachar Koumudi
[D] Bangiya Darshan

Correct Answer: A [Digdarshan]

Q8.Rabindranath Tagore was the editor of–

[A] Bangadarshan
[B] Bharat Darshan
[C] Sambad Prabhakar
[D] Sambad Samachar

Correct Answer: A [Bangadarshan]

Q9.Who was popularly known as Deshpran?

[A] Chittaranjan Das
[B] Bipin Chandra Bose
[C] Binoy Krishn Basu
[D] Birendranath Sasmal

Correct Answer: D [Birendranath Sasmal]

Q10.Which is the second Oldest Bridge linking Howrah and Kolkata?

[A] Vidyasagar Setu
[B] Vivekananda Setu
[C] Rabindra Setu
[D] Nivedita Setu

Correct Answer: B [Vivekananda Setu ]

Q11.How many soldiers of the Bengal Army did join the Revolt of 1857?

[A] Around fifty thousands
[B] Around one lakhs
[C] Around twenty thousands
[D] Around two lakhs

Correct Answer: B [Around one lakhs]

Q12.The founder of Digdarshan was–

[A] Bernard Messink
[B] George Marshman
[C] James Augustine
[D] John Clarke Marshman

Correct Answer: D [John Clarke Marshman]

Q13.Crescograph was invented by–

[A] Satyendra Nath Dutta
[B] Jagadish Chandra Bose
[C] Satyajit Ray
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: B [Jagadish Chandra Bose]

Q14.Who was named as Chiranjib Sharma by Keshub Chunder Sen?

[A] Trailokyanath Sanyal
[B] Radhakanta Deb
[C] Gauri Sen
[D] Brajendra Krishna Das

Correct Answer: A [Trailokyanath Sanyal]

Q15.Which district is called “the land of red soil”?

[A] Burdwan
[B] Purulia
[C] Bankura
[D] Birbhum

Correct Answer: D [Birbhum]

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