West Bengal GK Questions SET-5

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Q1.Which of the following was not included in the Bengal Presidency during colonial area of British Empire?

[A] Assam
[B] Orissa
[C] Tripura
[D] Sikkim

Correct Answer: D [Sikkim]

Q2.Who, along with Clive, laid the foundation of British rule in India?

[A] Baren Clive
[B] Warren Hastings
[C] Lord Curzon
[D] Both (a) & (b)

Correct Answer: B [Warren Hastings ]

Q3.Dhumketu was–

[A] A group of Rebels in Chittagong
[B] A comet
[C] A bi-weekly magazine edited by Kazi Nazrul Islam
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: C [A bi-weekly magazine edited by Kazi Nazrul Islam]

Q4.West Bengal has the longest interstate boundary with which of these states?

[A] Bihar
[B] Manipur
[C] Orissa
[D] Jharkhand

Correct Answer: D [Jharkhand ]

Q5.How many divisions does ER or Eastern Railway run?

[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 4
[D] 5

Correct Answer: C [4]

Q6.Which was the largest ethnic tribe of Bengal?

[A] Chakmas
[B] Santhals
[C] Chuars
[D] Mundas

Correct Answer: A [Chakmas]

Q7.The author of Lakshmicharitra is–

[A] Lallu Lal
[B] Ram Mohan Roy
[C] Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya
[D] Iswar Chandra Bidyasagar

Correct Answer: C [Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya ]

Q8.Krishna Kumar Mitra and Dwarkanath Ganguly together brought out–

[A] Notun Jug
[B] Samachar
[C] Brikhho
[D] Sanjivani

Correct Answer: D [Sanjivani]

Q9.Which is the largest Pleistocene era pysiographic unit in the Bengal Basin?

[A] Rajshahi Tract
[B] Madhupur Tract
[C] Barind Tract
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: C [Barind Tract]

Q10.West Bengal is the only city to have–

[A] Hills, ocean, plateau, and plains all in one state
[B] Two UNESCO heritage sites in a state
[C] Literacy rate more than any other state
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: A [Hills, ocean, plateau, and plains all in one state]

Q11.Which eminent personality was considered as the first ‘national’ poet of modern India?

[A] Michael Madusudhan Dutta
[B] Henry Louis Vivian Derozio
[C] Rabindranath Tagore
[D] Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Correct Answer: B [Henry Louis Vivian Derozio ]

Q12.The national anthem Jana Gana Mana is derived from–

[A] Amar Sonar Bangla
[B] Bharoto Bhagyo Bidhata
[C] Uchcha Jetha Sir
[D] Vande Mataram

Correct Answer: B [Bharoto Bhagyo Bidhata]

Q13.The name of Chittaranjan Das’s monthly journal was–

[A] Liberty
[B] Bhorer Khobor
[C] Dinkal
[D] Narayana

Correct Answer: D [Narayana]

Q14.Howrah in West Bengal is often termed as–

[A] Texas Valley of Bengal
[B] Sheffield of the East
[C] Gateway of Bengal
[D] Eastern Engineering Hub

Correct Answer: B [Sheffield of the East]

Q15.Which place in Bengal has the second largest chandelier in the world?

[A] Hazarduari Palace
[B] Victoria Memorial
[C] ITC Sonar Bangla
[D] Indian Museum

Correct Answer: A [Hazarduari Palace]

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